Thursday, August 6, 2015

Website Spotlight: Momma Strong

Since Courtney Wyckoff founded Momma Strong, her goal has been to offer a unique resource to mothers -- feasible, sustainable and effective exercise routines.

She started her online training program in 2012 – offering mothers a work-out designed just for them. At the time, as a new mother herself, Wyckoff had discovered the unique limitations and challenges faced by others in the same position. As a trainer who had worked with postpartum mothers for more than seven years, she also understood that a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness simply would not work. That is why Momma Strong offers a variety of programs that focus on building strength both mentally and physically for women, regardless of where they are when starting the down the path to greater health. Each program caters to the specific needs and unique restraints faced by individual members of Momma Strong.

The HookThe Hook is an introduction to the experience and community of Momma Strong. This guided 30-day strength challenge is centered around daily 15-minute "High Intensity Interval Training" (HIIT) sessions. Signing up for the Hook includes participation in innovative motivation strategies like accountability buddies and a unique outreach program that donates programs to women-in-need every time a member meets her weekly goals.The program provides new members with guidance and encouragement to help transition into regular training. In addition, members gain access to a large number of extras, including body-part-specific tutorials, injury prevention, nutrition and access to Momma Strong’s online community.

Core CampFor a woman who is not physically ready for the Hook due to postpartum recovery, injury, illness, or just a general sedentary phase, Core Camp serves as very effective way to get her core reintegrated and ready for more advanced exercise. Based on years of research and experience, Wyckoff developed Core Camp to address the true function of the deep core muscles, while also paying special attention to common alignment issues and compensation patterns that interfere with that function. The program consists of two weeks of daily 30-minute workouts.

Daily 15The Daily 15 is designed for women on the other end of the spectrum – those who have excelled in the Hook or who joined Momma Strong with a prior degree of fitness and strength that enables them to tackle HIIT right out of the gate. The program offers a new 15-minute high intensity interval workout every weekday. Members also have access to over 500 archived workouts, as well as the rest of the perks that fall under the Momma Strong umbrella.

Prenatal WorkoutMomma Strong also offers endurance activities for women before giving birth. The Prenatal Workout program is comprised of a set of workouts that meet every possible need during the entire pregnancy experience. The program targets strength, core training, stretching, energy and conditioning, so that a woman can get through the nine months without feeling like she’s lost ground in her physicality. Additionaly, the core conditioning prevents prenatal injuries like sciatica and postpartum conditions like diastasis recti, while also preparing the body for a strong and healthy birth.

Di-RectiThe newest Momma Strong program is Di-Recti, treating mothers for an often-neglected, post-pregnancy condition known as Diastasis Recti, or abdominal separation. The most exciting piece of this program is that it can be done DIRECTLY after giving birth, due to its content being not at all "exercise," but instead a dynamic breathing technique called "abdominal bracing."

"Diastasis is what many refer to as a 'postpartum jelly belly' or a 'pouch,' " Wyckoff explained. "In reality, it is much more than that. The condition can cause a range of symptoms including hernia, back pain, urine leakage and biochemical imbalances."

Di Recti helps women recover, with some mothers even reporting a return to pre-pregnancy measurements after only two weeks in the program.

"We address the physical repercussions associated with pregnancy and childbirth," she said. "We want to help women become resilient and reconnect to their strength and sense of self – and also join a wider community of supportive mothers."
About Momma StrongFounded by Courtney Wyckoff in 2011, Momma Strong offers online fitness programs customized for the unique needs of mothers. A mother of two and Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Wyckoff creates at-home programs for women that focus on mental and physical strength and resiliency. In-person classes are also available for those in the Houston area. To learn more, visit

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