Friday, December 29, 2017

Shopping Savings: Moving On

Following nearly two decades of treating patients and three years of beta-testing, award-winning clinical psychologist Dr. Carolina Castaños, today announced the launch of MovingOnthe first interactive program designed to help people overcome heartbreak.
The 14-week program provides weekly videos available on-demand on any device.  Following each video, users complete an exercise and receives personal feedback from Dr. Castaños to help them progress through the healing process. 
Dr. Castaños, who has a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy and extensive post-doctoral training with trauma and relationship issues, created the video sessions based on cutting-edge neuropsychology research. 
The in-depth videos provide insight about the science behind painful feelings and offers practical coping strategies that change negative relationship behavioral patterns. 
At the beginning and the end of the 14 weeks, users complete an assessment to understand what has changed that has helped them to heal and move forward with confidence.  
“In today’s digital landscape, where people increasingly rely on their devices for news, sports and shopping, I noticed an enormous void in the self-help arena as it relates to real doctors helping people cope with breakups,” said Dr. Castaños. “MovingOn is a carefully crafted, highly personalized and forward-thinking program to help people acquire the tools necessary to move forward.”  
MovingOn is launching during the holiday season to help people cope with holiday heartbreak and depression.  Suicide rates have surged to a 30-year high and while the holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, studies show that people suffering from heartbreak and loss feel more alone, betrayed and depressed during the holiday season.
Through Jan. 15, MovingOn users will receive the first two weeks free and the last 12 weeks at half price for only $49 per week. People pay each week as they go and cancel anytime with no long-term commitment.  Private video sessions with Dr. Castaños can also be arranged in English or Spanish.
Here are the topics for each of the 14 videos:
Week 1: Why Do I Feel Such Intense Pain
Week 2:  Pain, Pain Go Away: Strategies of Distraction and Its Effects
Week 3:  Feeling My Feelings: What are My Feelings Trying to Tell Me?
Week 4:  The Power of Our Mind: How Can I Change How I am Feeling?
Week 5:  The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round: Recognizing the Patterns in Relationships
Week 6:  The Little Voices Inside Us: How Am I Filtering and Giving Meaning to What I Receive From Others?
Week 7:  Hand Model of Brain: What Happens Inside of Me When I Get Triggered?
Week 8:  Taking in the Good
Week 9:  Importance of Early Experiences and Attachment Learning
Week 10:  My Little Voices From the Past: Where They Come From
Week 11:  Memory and Awareness
Week 12:  A Forgotten Past: When We Cannot Remember
Week 13: Getting Past Our Past: Compassion, Empathy and Forgiveness
Week 14:  Putting It All Together
About Dr. Carolina Castaños
Dr. Carolina Castaños is an award-winning Clinical Psychologist with 17 years of experience and a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is renowned for helping individuals, couples and families heal from past trauma, find different and better ways to connect with others and lead more fulfilling lives. 
Dr. Castaños has extensive post-doctoral training in specialized treatment with trauma and relational issues based on cutting edge research on neuropsychology.
Dr. Castaños is a member of the American Association from Marriage and Family Therapy, American Psychological Association, and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and conducts sessions in English and/or Spanish.
For more information, please visit:  MovingOnFacebookTwitterGooglePlusLinkedIn

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