Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Healthy Habits: Looking Young in the Workplace

Is there importance to “youth” in the workplace? Starting a new job at any age can be quite stressful, but for anyone who’s in their mid-30s (or beyond), things are a little extra-stressful. You are entering a new environment filled with fresh, eager faces just out of college, and it’s up to you to keep up and make your voice heard. Not everyone wants or needs a facelift, are there non-surgical cosmetic facial procedures that can be done to help ward off the slightest fine lines?  Are there procedures that reveal instant results? I had a chance to interview Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, FACS a leading facial plastic surgeon who is also a world-renowned facial feminization surgeon in Jupiter, FL.

How important is a "young look" in the workplace?
Of course, the most important thing is the attitude. But then comes looking good. It may be the instinctive perception we get that if someone looks good they also feel good. There are many psychological studies that confirm this "cliche". Smiling, establishing eye contact and expressiveness are all elements of the "looking good and looking young" paradigm.  We have to like each other to work together better - it is as simple as that. There is a popular saying in my country (Bulgaria) that goes: They welcome you for your looks, the say good-bye for your brains. 

Does it matter more in certain industries?
The services where there is person-to-person contact are the ones where this matters the most but interpersonal contacts are important in any team, exception made for remote working which is progressively increasing. There is some fruit for though there as is working remotely or from home an excuse for not looking your best?

If someone wants to have a more youthful appearance but doesn't want a facelift, what can they do?
There are many many other procedures other than facelift that yield a younger and more attractive look. Of course, there are stages and conditions when a facelift is recommended but there are many other remedies that, when applied appropriately can yield a great result: Botox, fillers, facial implants, skin resurfacing procedures being just some of those. 

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