Monday, May 14, 2018

Cybercrime: An Open Letter

Cybercrime is escalating at record rates, year after year, and the criminals aren’t getting advanced degrees—they’re succeeding because it’s easy to do! The cost to society from cybercrime now exceeds $6 trillion, with Microsoft alone committing more than $1 billion per year to combat it. The real issue we’re facing is that we’re buying solutions from the same people who made the problems in the first place. Even our current methods in secure communications and data storage keep getting more complicated, take longer, and introduce more attacks yet they’re introduced to us as ‘better’ and can still be easily penetrated by even minimally skilled individuals.

Paul McGough, founder and CTO of QWYIT, in an open letter (click here) to Bill Gates throws down the gauntlet addressing the current issues with cyber security, the ineffective solutions being implemented under Bill’s leadership, and Paul’s proven solution for the trillion dollar issue facing our more and more digitized world.

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