Monday, June 25, 2018

Book Nook: The God Gene Chronicles - The Secret of the Gods

I recently had a chance to review a book that was set in a very unfamiliar context: The God Gene Chronicles - the Secret of the Gods (volume 1)

According to the author, Projesh Banerjea, “I asked myself why there are no superheroes who hail from Mumbai or Beijing instead of Kansas and New York, and couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer. So I decided to create them.”

He has a good point. There are book series set in Greek mythology, in fantasy worlds, Christian fiction, and much more. Why not a book set in the context of major Asian religions, Hinduism and Buddhism?

While set in contemporary India (and Mumbai terrorist attacks), the book incorporates an ancient war between demons and angels, or Rakshasas and Devdoot. Three friends attending a school for boys are worried about girls and skipping class; meanwhile one of those girls is the daughter of the leader of the Rax and another has some dark secrets.

The book moves along very quickly and is enjoyable to read. It starts with a helpful introduction to give context, and will be interesting to all readers, no matter what their background is.

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