Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Caring Causes: Commit Good

Commit Good, a blockchain-based charitable platform, in partnership with Financial Trading Group (FTG), has announced that it will be launching it’s “Currency of Good” campaign. The campaign will award a $10,000 grant each month to a charitable organization which receives the most votes from Commit Good platform users. The Currency of Good Campaign kicks off beginning September 15, 2018.

The Currency of Good Campaign allows a charitable organization to post projects that are currently underway on the Commit Good Platform. Once on the platform, charitable organizations can request items that are needed to complete the project. As projects are completed, the Commit Good user base will vote on the most impactful project for a given month. The project with the most votes will be awarded a $10,000 grant.

Using the Currency of Good campaign, Commit Good is introducing an innovative blockchain platform as well as digital wallets to charities around the world. With the thousands of organizations that exist globally, it can be challenging to understand how donations are actually used. Through the use of the Commit Good platform, charities and their donors will be able to easily access a new level of transparency by seeing how donations are used and for what purposes.

FTG, a Dubai-based financial services and investment company, has pledged to set aside funds from the company’s portfolio performance in order to fund, promote, and support humanitarian and non-profit organizations through the Currency of Good campaign.

“At FTG we are committed to giving back on a global scale,” said Nick Capitanis, CEO of Financial Trading Group. “When we learned about the Currency of Good Campaign, we immediately knew we wanted to participate. As we continue to grow, we look forward to funding larger grants for committing good.”

Commit Good is dedicated to building a global charitable economy through the integration of marketplace features, fundraising and solving the last mile of delivery. Non-profit organizations interested in participating can find more information at

About Commit Good
Commit Good is a reward-based charitable marketplace, and fundraising and philanthropic ecosystem built on blockchain technology. The company is dedicated to creating a system of giving that is transparent throughout all stages of the donation process. Commit Good’s database of organizations spans from the local to the global level to highlight the good that is occurring around the world. Currently listed organizations and non-profits include Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Charities, Ronald McDonald House, and Feed the Children. For more information, visit
About Financial Trading Group (FTG)
FTG is a Dubai-based financial services and investment company with offices in Germany and Cyprus.

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