Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Book Nook: United States History in Rhyme

Having taught fifth and sixth grade in Tennessee for over forty years, Larry Markus was always thinking of ways to teach American history to his students in non-traditional ways. After creating an original musical based on American history that was performed at his school for 10 years, he transformed its narrative into his debut picture book, “United States History in Rhyme – A Child’s First History Book: A Must Read for All Americans.” 

I had a chance to review this book. It details important moments throughout history, using catchy rhyme and fun illustrations. It's easy to read, appropriate for reluctant readers, early history buffs, or any kid who should learn a little more about pivotal moments in our nation's history.

Covering events such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, The Boston Tea Party, Civil War, Woman’s Suffrage, the Great Depression and more, the impact of these historic events is made clear. Included within the book is a glossary of terms used with detailed definitions to deepen reader’s understanding of the moments they just read about.

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