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What to Gift New Moms? 8 Fantastic Ideas

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New moms have a lot on their plate, so it’s only natural to want to give them a gift that’s going to make things a little easier in the first few months. The problem is, what’s the perfect gift to give a new mom? The mom will likely have a lot of the basics they’ll need for the baby, but they might not have a lot for them – they may not have realized just how much they need during the first few months while they’re figuring out everything. That’s why the following are some of the best gift ideas for new moms. Give them something that’s going to help them relax and enjoy the first few months a little bit more.

A Baby Swing

An infant baby swing is a fantastic idea. Though the first few months are full of cuddling, it’s nice to have somewhere comfortable and safe to put the baby when things just need to get done. A baby swing provides the new mom with just that, so they can put the baby down for a few minutes to focus on themselves or get things done around the house without feeling guilty.

Comfy Pajamas

With night feedings, making it through the day on little to no sleep, and coffee getting cold before it’s finished, what’s better than some comfortable pajamas? Pick out luxury pajamas to help mom feel more comfortable and relaxed at night – or through the day if it’s a pajama kind of day. Comfy pajamas may end up being the outfit of choice for days at home during those first few months.

Home Spa Supplies

Going to the spa isn’t very easy with a newborn, but that doesn’t mean mom should go without. Bring the self-care home to make it easier to get a little bit of rest and relaxation in during the day. Pick up a variety of spa supplies, including a comfy robe, so mom can take the time to have a spa day at home.

A Milestone Blanket

Photos are easy to take nowadays, so everyone has tons of pictures of the new baby. To add some more unique photos, try out a milestone blanket. The baby can lay on the blanket, and rings or arrows can be used to point out the baby’s age when the photo is taken. A collection of these makes the perfect way to show just how much the baby grows during the first year of their life.

Hand and Footprint Kit

Hand and footprint keepsakes are a great gift for any new mom, and they don’t take a lot of time to do. There are plenty of options, from clay to paint or ink. There are also premade kits, or it’s possible to create a kit at home with supplies already on hand. When doing the hand and footprint kit, it may be a good idea to time it so the baby’s asleep, as this can help them stay more still. Once the kit is done, a keepsake is created that the new mom will love.

Versatile Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a must-have, but it doesn’t need to look like a diaper bag. Any larger purse can work fantastically. Just going out for a short trip? Smaller bags can be stylish and fit just the basics that might be needed. Look at the options to find a diaper bag that’s perfect for on the go or for longer trips and one that’s going to match mom’s style, so she loves using it whenever she goes out.

Premade Meals or Snacks

Make meals that can be kept in the freezer and reheated whenever mom is hungry, so she doesn’t need to worry about cooking or wait forever for takeout to be delivered. New moms may also snack often since they’re still getting used to the schedule of a newborn. Grab-and-go snacks are the perfect option, as the new mom doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy the snack when she’s hungry.

Smart Home Device

With a newborn, spare hands aren’t often available. Want to know what time it is? It’s hard to look at a watch without disturbing the finally-sleeping baby. Need to create a list to remember what time the baby ate last? It’s not always easy to find that pen and paper. A smart home device provides hands-free access to calendars, timers, lists, and a lot more. Plus, with a few accessories, it’s possible to just tell the lights to turn off or to turn on the TV without having to figure out where the remote went.

Those first few months of motherhood are busy, hectic, and crazy. When looking for the perfect gift to give to a new mom, try some of the ideas here. They’re all fantastic options that the new mom will love. 

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