Thursday, July 2, 2009

Consumer Critique: Tucks Take Alongs

I have been asked by Mom Central to review Tucks Take Alongs.

Tucks is the manufacturer of a variety of hemorrhoid remedies, including ointments, pads, and suppositories. I've never used anything except the pads, as hemorrhoids have never been a problem. However, Tucks pads can be used for other reasons as well. The pads are coated with a solution that is 50% witch hazel. People who are particular about avoiding parabens should note that this product does use small amounts as a preservative.

The witch hazel in Tucks pads acts as a mild astringent, which can help relieve irritation and can also be used for cleansing. They were originally recommended to me when I gave birth to my daughter, and I found that the cooling sensation of the damp pad and the extra cleaning (above and beyond using just toilet paper) did offer relief during the healing period. They are inexpensive and widely available. The Take-Alongs come packaged one at a time in a box of twelve, so if you only use them occasionally they wouldn't dry out - this would also be convenient if you needed to take them to work or somewhere else. They can also be purchased in boxes of 40 or 100.

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