Friday, March 2, 2012

Giveaway: Great Gifts for Men, Zombie Lovers, and Joke Lovers

Do you need gift ideas for the men in your lives? Do you know people - guys or girls - who like zombies or have a good sense of humor? I have the opportunity to give away a set of books.

Ace Your Zombie Exam!: The Official Ph.Z. Study Guide - this prepares the reader for the PhZ exam from the esteemed Port-Au-Prince Capon Academy. It has lots of zombie-related information, and there's even a related Zombie Facebook page.

The World's Oldest Joke Book: Hundreds of Hilariously Terrible Ancient Jokes - this has a variety of ancient jokes that show people from centuries ago often had the same sense of humor as we do. Some of them are quite simple, some are juvenile, and some are a little bit crass, but no matter what type of sense of humor a person has, they'll find jokes to laugh at here.

150 Things Every Man Should Know - this has tips on everything from shining shoes and shaving to opening stuck jars, and less-expected things like how to talk yourself out of a bar fight. You can view the preview of the contents in the Amazon page to get a taste of everything available.

The Man Test: Hundreds of Questions to Test Everything a Real Man Should Know - this is less a how-to book and more a do-you-know book. There is great information on domestic activities, transportation, health, and manners, plus lots more. I really liked everything - the only question I agreed with was what happens to an engagement ring if it's called off, since I had always heard it was a gift and the woman keeps it, but the book said the man gets it back. However, I guess that's an etiquette answer; legal answer probably varies.

You can win these books for your own gift-giving needs. Leave a comment with a fact about one special guy in your life. Deadline is March 9th.

Disclosure: I received complimentary copies of the books above to facilitate this review.


  1. My son loves corny jokes and he loves to keep telling them to you. I think it is sweet, but it drives me nuts sometimes!
    reklaw422 at hotmail dot com

  2. Fact about my hushand: Does not know how to talk himself out of a bar fight! lol