Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Caring Causes: KauzBots

The team at Kauzbots, makers of toy “robots with a heart” announced today it has launched an all-new website dedicated to providing proceeds of each toy bot to a specific charity. Kauzbots is also announcing the company is under new management with the number one goal being to build the philanthropic brand. Kauzbots was quietly founded in 2008 by a group of friends and philanthropists in Orange County, Calif. and looked to a group of passionate marketers to help take the brand to new levels. Kauzbots has become a popular and unique brand among children and gift-givers alike. To help position Kauzbots in more markets the company has launched a brand-new dynamic and easier-to-use website – remaining true to the goal and pursuit of giving back to communities all over the world, one Bot at a time.

“I love the Kauzbot brand and so do my kids. We are thrilled to not only be a part of the Kauzbots family, but even more excited to be in a position to help this charitable company grow. With a freshly designed site, we understand how important it is for customers to be able to easily and quickly find the Kauzbot that parallels with the causes that are closest to them,” said Natasha Nelson, President of Kauzbots. “As a company driven by the principles of giving 10 percent of every purchase back to our communities, we are also dedicated to providing our customers with an easy and thoughtful experience.”

Each Kauzbot has a unique name that correlates with a charity the bot advocates for. The stuffed robot toys are all designed in Huntington Beach, Calif., handmade and hand-stitched with love and stand 19 inches tall. The individual name of each character is stitched into its backside along with a free-floating heart placed in its back pocket to signify its compassion. There are currently 10 Kauzbots with Kalvin, Kauzbots’ flagship “robot with a heart,” being committed to helping homeless children in need. 10 percent of each “Kalvin” purchased is given to benefit the work of Dream Catalyst. Like Kalvin, there are nine more characters available for purchase with their own passions, “kauzes” and correlating charities.

“At Dream Catalyst, we help ‘Make Dreams Matter.’ It is great to partner with the Kauzbots team during this time of renewed energy as we launch our new movements. Kalvin has always been near and dear to our hearts, and we are excited to relaunch him out into the world as we live more fully into our mission with the Kauzbots team by our sides,” said Erik Lehmann, Founder of Dream Catalyst. “I believe that each child is born with a dream and the gifts necessary to realize that dream. With the support of Kauzbots and others alike, we will be able to help more dreams come true as we hope to employ youth facing challenges including homelessness as we grow this vision to a national and eventually global scale. Kauzbots is a company that shares in our devotion to mentor, love and celebrate with these kids and has become a significant part of our work here at Dream Catalyst."
Currently Kauzbots has 10 robots for sale through their website and selected retailers. Each bot has a heart for a specific “kauz,” advocating for and donating to separate charities:
  • Kalvin: a heart for homeless children
  • Kale: a heart for the planet
  • Kaprice: a heart for women with breast cancer
  • Karissa: a heart or our environment
  • Karson: a heart for music therapy at children’s hospitals
  • Karthy: a heart for autism
  • Khloe: a heart for oral pediatric health
  • Kiefer: a heart for refugees
  • Kourage: a heart for children with cancer
  • Kruz: a heart for clean water
About Kauzbots, Inc.
Kauzbots, Inc. is based in the heart of Orange County, Calif. Kauzbots is about making kids and parents smile, it’s about warming hearts, while at the same time sharing our passion and commitment to giving back. We believe these are high quality products, but that’s not really the point. The point is each one of our products speaks to a special cause and we get to touch each cause through donating 10 percent to different charitable foundations each Kauzbot “sponsors.”
For more information visit, or contact Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram at @kauzbots. For media inquiries contact Orange County PR agency, DRIVEN Public Relations.

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