Thursday, September 17, 2015

Healthy Habits: Head Lice

Did you know that each year, there are nearly 24 million days of school lost due to lice? That means that parents are missing work and children are missing education and fun. Not only that, but there’s a looming stigma about lice. The #EndtheIgnorance Campaign aims to change that.

There's a website now where you can learn more about the Six Myths of Lice, the Cost of Super Lice on Families, and how you can Help End the Ignorance:

Last year head lice hit my daughter's school - and it persisted, due to some misinformation, lack of awareness, and stigma issues. Honestly, once the parents of the grades affected started being really open about who had it, what they were doing, and how they were stopping the spread, it pretty much halted the issue completely and everything blew over just a couple weeks later after having it move from family to family for a couple of months. It's worth it to inform yourself about this issue, so you can be prepared if it ever hits your kids' school.

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