Friday, September 18, 2015

Mealtime Magic: Cute and Easy Snacks

Looking for quick, easy, and super fun after school snacks for the kiddos? FamilyFun magazine has delicious snacks that are perfect for those busy weekdays and will satisfy a hungry kid!
A familiar combo gets a lofty treatment in this filling after-school bite. To prep it, slice a small apple crosswise, core the pieces, and place a few tablespoons of peanut butter in a bowl. Give your child a spreader and let him build and eat his own stack.
We’ve done the math, so we know you can count on this cute calculator to add fun to the first day of school. To make one, use a serrated knife to trim a graham cracker sheet into a shorter rectangle (ours are about 3½ inches long). Cut a rectangle from a plain chocolate bar and attach it with chocolate frosting. Trim away the tips from three butterscotch, chocolate, or white chocolate chips. Use more frosting to attach them, along with nine M&M’s Minis candies, as shown.

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