Friday, October 23, 2015

World Wisdom: Nawi Kids

Little girls who are mad about dinosaurs now have a cute, colorful and cuddly dino option that also saves the oceans by turning plastic into fun! Nawi Kids ( gives girls — and boys — three adorable eco-friendly dinosaurs that will capture their little hearts!

Cheerful green Coco, sweet purple Frankie and gentle blue Ryder are captured on snuggly blankets, super-soft tanks and underwear and cuddly plushies that will have your little ones squealing for delight!

Each piece is made in the U.S. by happy people with a focus on sustainable, eco-friendly children products. All products are made within a 10-mile radius in Los Angeles and moved in hybrid or electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Nawi Kids also use sustainable materials, fabrics from recycled materials and recycled plastic bottles to stuff the plush toys to help reduce plastic pollution.

For more kid comfort, tanks and underwear are all tagless and only have one side seam. Plushies are all handmade, so each different plush toy is uniquely made to each child. Super-soft blankets and pillows are perfect nap-time buddies. The Ryder cuddle blankie is $39, the Coco tank and underwear set is $48, and the Frankie plush toy is $24.

Finalist for NY Now’s Best New Baby + Child d├ęcor, Nawi Kids has started a Kickstarter campaign with their dinos for good. The campaign will help create sustainable, eco-friendly products that also increase local jobs while getting plastics out of the oceans and earth! Choose from a number of ways to place orders with rewards starting at $2 that go towards letting loose these adorable dinos for a great cause!  Once the Kickstarter is complete, final orders will be submitted and will take 10-14 weeks to be fulfilled. Go to to learn more.

Nawi Kids founders, Nas and Whitney, met in New York and quickly formed a friendship, bonding over their love of pop art and design. Nas and Whitney knew they wanted to make changes after seeing the harsh realities facing most factory workers. They also saw the love their children developed for dinosaurs and wanted to bring change to the apparel and toy manufacturing world while creating fun dinosaur stuff for children!

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