Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Consumer Critique: Hang-O-Matic

Hang-O-Matic is a great holiday gift this year that can help homeowners get professional results. I had a chance to try out this nifty tool that precisely mounts pictures, mirrors, shelves, or anything else you hang on the wall. The innovative design allows you to measure, level, and mark all at once. For someone like me, who is really uncoordinated, this is so much easier than measuring multiple things, or trying to juggle a ruler, pencil, and level. All you have to do is use the tool to measure the length you need between nail holes, then you hold it up to the wall, level using the embedded level, and gently mark on the wall, leaving the perfect spot to add nail holes.
This product is a great idea, easy to use, and really a good idea. You can find it at Ace, Brookstone, Walmart, or Home Depot.

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