Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Consumer Critique: xSense

xSense, a new line of functional scents introduced this week, were inspired by Nobel Prize-winning clinical research on how the brain reacts to scents. A select number of independent prospectively designed, randomized, controlled, blinded and peer-reviewed studies have found that specific scents from natural oils do impact some human activities. These ingredients are now contained in three of these xSense products:
  • WorkSense’s clinically tested natural ingredients have been found to help people learn new information better, increase their accuracy and efficiency with specific tasks, and allow improved retention of information.
  • PlaySense's specially formulated pure essential oil ingredients have been clinically found to help improve endurance and speed, two key elements of physical performance.
  • RestSense's natural ingredients have been clinically found to improve relaxation and help reduce stress.
All three products are designed uniquely for either men or women. xSense is applied directly under the nose to deliver higher concentration. Its scent, which allows other scents to be worn (like favorite perfumes, colognes, or aftershave), is oil-based (alcohol-free) and applied for only the user to smell, remaining undetectable to others. The highest concentration and potential effects of individual xSense ingredients are present in the first hour after application, with high ingredient levels maintained for eight hours. In addition, some of the components of RestSense offer stress reduction effective even several days after application. 

Do they work? Well, I'm definitely not a full clinical trial myself, but I was sent a sample pack to try these out, and they did seem to help - especially the RestSense. I used it on a particularly stressful day, and was able to calm down and relax before bed, more so than I expected to be able to do.

WorkSense, PlaySense, and RestSense may be purchased directly from xSenseWorld.com in the following sizes:

  • Deluxe sample pack of 3 multi-use vials of WorkSense, PlaySense, and RestSense: $14
  • 10 milliliter (0.3-oz) roller-applicator bottle of each individual scent: $45
  • 3-pack of 10 milliliter bottles each of WorkSense, PlaySense, and RestSense: $95

Ingredients in each xSense product were carefully selected based on independently performed scientific studies that showed specific results. WorkSense, PlaySense, and RestSense, are made from a proprietary mix of natural and pure ingredients shown to engage a user’s sense of smell and potentially enhance their daily activities, allowing increased efficiency, improved endurance, and stress reduction.

About xSense
The xSense team has married scientific findings with natural ingredients, to create a system of products that could effectively enhance an individual’s most important activities. These natural ingredients in xSense’s line of innovative scents could significantly assist users in naturally improving their potential productivity at work, play, and rest. The company’s products are a result of close collaboration between professionals in neuroscience, biomedical engineering, perfumery, creative industries, and business, who have worked collectively to revolutionize the scent industry. For more information about all xSense products, visit xSenseWorld.com.

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