Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fun Freetime: Coast Guard Game

18 months ago the award winning Bavarian developer team Reality Twist started to work on their newest project COAST GUARD, a stunning mix of simulation game and adventure. After reaching gold master status today, publisher astragon is happy to announce today the game’s global release. COAST GUARD is available on STEAM® and other download platforms for $19.99/£14.99/19.99 Euro.
In COAST GUARD the player will slip into the role of Finn Asdair, a charismatic and committed coast guard officer. In a story-driven captivating mix of simulation and adventure game Asdair, together with his crew, will face various challenging rescue and crime fighting tasks on board of their rescue vessel Daniel Defoe. Troubled not only by rough seas but also a complex criminal case which quickly turns into a far reaching conspiracy, Asdair’s story is guaranteed to deliver hours of enthralling entertainment to the player.  
Luckily, the courageous captain can count on his experienced crew members such as lead investigator Colman Bauers and forensic specialist Larry LaBouche. Together they will thwart their criminal opponents through skillful interrogations and hard-won forensic evidence.
Developer Reality Twist, who can look back on a history of successfully addressing socially relevant topics, has picked a highly dramatic and, for all persons involved, unexpectedly relevant issue in their newest game COAST GUARD.
Clemens Hochreiter, CEO of Reality Twist: „We are firm believers of covering highly charged political topics in games. Our game “Missio for Life” about poverty, forced prostitution and dowry deaths has already been on school curriculums for several years now. And our game “Utopolis” not only makes the concept of democracy come alive for basically everybody, but has also won several awards. Admittedly, when we started to write the story script for COAST GUARD in the first half of 2014, we kind of already knew that we would be working on a demanding and at the same time controversial project. That the current situation of refugees would catch up to us in the form that all of us are now experiencing was however something we did not foresee. The suffering of refugees from war-torn countries, the conflict with human traffickers  and the unsolved problems within the EU concerning this unprecedented high number of persons seeking protection – all these are issues that have been occupying Europe’s coast guard forces for quite some time now. In accordance with this, these topics are reflected in the story of COAST GUARD. None of our games has been that topical before and I am grateful, that we will be able to add to the current social discourse with the help of our game.”
Distributor astragon Sales and Services for its part plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the game’s first sale to a worthy cause, as Reinhard Vree, Head of Product Management astragon Sales & Services explains: “We have not long ago supported the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service through donations from the sales of our last ship simulation game Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue. We will keep on that course and give 1 Euro of every sold copy of COAST GUARD to #GamingAid4Refugees. “
COAST GUARD is available on STEAM® and other download platforms for $19.99/£14.99/19.99 Euro

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