Saturday, November 7, 2015

Movie Minute: New Lionsgate DVDs

The Gospel of John from Lionsgate Home Entertainment is the first-ever word-for-word adaptation of the Gospel of John. While there have been many different adaptations of the story of Jesus, I've never seen one that is absolutely taken straight from the Bible to such detail. I got a chance to view this film courtesy of Lionsgate, and I have to say I really enjoyed how true they tried to stay to what we know about the story. The background, acting, and dialogue follow research to keep the story as authentic as it can be - and viewers have the choice of New International, King James, of Spanish Reina-Valera translations. There are also some interesting "making of" clips to learn even more about the film. It's a great addition to the film library of anyone who is interested in authentic adaptations that are truly faithful to the text from the Bible.

I also got a chance to view Where Hope Grows, courtesy of Lionsgate. This film got a five out of five Doves from The Dove Foundation, and it's easy to see why. It's an inspiring tale of a former baseball player who meets an inspirational man with Down syndrome. It sensitively handles the issue of mental handicaps, including a film about the "R-word," and was a really good way to continue the  dialogue with myself and my older daughter about people with disabilities. It's a good lesson for anyone who doesn't realize that sometimes hope grows in very surprising places.

Both films are family-friendly and inspirational, with clear, strong spiritual messages, and I'm glad I got to view them!

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