Thursday, December 3, 2015

Book Nook: Shake Cats

Do you have a cat lover that you want to get a special something for - or are you a cat lover yourself, looking for a unique coffee table book? SHAKE CATS has over a hundred cute pictures of cats shaking themselves dry. I had a chance to see a review copy of the book, which features an introduction by the author documenting her history with rescue cats, including her current rescue, Yushi; a roster of models; images of Davidson taking pictures of the cats in her studio; and never before revealed insight into the process of getting the cats to shake. 

The pictures are hilariously timed, well-chosen to create a cute book with every picture complete different from the others. I shared it with one of my cat-lover friends, who loved it - and even though I don't really love cats, I thought it was a fun book to look through too!

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