Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Consumer Critique: Nixall

According to Pampers, almost every baby will get diaper rash at least once during the first three years of life.  The problem is how do we get rid of it quickly and naturally?  There is a new shift in how parents can help their babies with diaper rashes. 

Nixall® a company headquartered in Springfield, MO, is focused on helping people live better lives more naturally, they have created an all natural way to help rashes and skin irritants. Their amazing new product, Nixall Wound + Skin is a non-cytotoxic and can be used as a daily skin solution to sooth and help manage irritations after the fact.

I had a chance to try out Nixall. Even though diaper rashes aren't an issue for us anymore, we do get skin irritations from other things. The Nixall company has products help clean and sanitize, as well as protect and heal skin. The advantage of their products is that, unlike bleach, bacteria don't develop resistance - and there are no harmful fumes. The University of Oregon found that solutions like Nixall are actually more effective against pathogens. They even have formulations for pets that are suitable for pet skin care issues!

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