Friday, December 4, 2015

Consumer Critique: Trudeau Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are fun. You can put a lot of small gifts so they aren't expensive to fill, but they provide a lot of gift-giving time and fun.

Trudeau makes a lot of different kitchen gadgets, and I got a chance to try out several products that are great stocking stuffers for those who enjoy cooking.

Set of Five Star Cookie Cutters
These are easy to use - appropriate for Christmas, Fourth of July, school celebrations, and more. The five sizes fit together well for storage, and are easy to use and easy to wash.
These are a great gift for anyone who entertains. Instead of mixing wine glasses up, or trying to use labels, you can use these fun wine charms to keep glasses straight while adding some atmosphere to the party. There are twelve daisies in one set; six international charms that include well-known wine regions in the other. They're easy to use, easy to wash, and soft enough to avoid scratching nice glasses. 
These is a nifty gadget that keeps your stove clean. I use spoonholders, but sometimes they're both dirty, or I have more pots to stir than I have spoonrests. This clip just attaches right to the pot and holds whatever utensil you're using. It's heat-resistant, so it avoids passing the heat on to the spoon. 
I've never used a zest grater before, but I've been missing out. The zest of citrus fruits adds an extra punch of flavor, and this is easy to use. I like that it stores right in the handle, so that I don't have to worry about reaching into the drawer and scratching myself. 
Tie wraps are really useful, but I hate that you have to throw them away after cutting them off the product. These are re-usable, and pretty, so they're fun to use even if they're in a place where they'll be seen.
Oil bottles have a tendency to drip down the side, and if that's a problem for you, then using a universal dripless spout can really help out. Because it uses a graduated stopper, it fits most bottle sizes, even if they aren't quite the same size.

These are all great stocking stuffers, very useful kitchen gadgets to have around the house!

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