Thursday, December 3, 2015

Contest: Ideators

A California-grown company is offering a FREE platform for all of your ideas. From start to launch, Ideator provides advisors and investors to those who want to bring an idea to life. 
Ideator is giving away $10,000 along with access to Ideator's Advisory Board (My Space Founder Aber Whitcomb, starter Julie Trell and more), free tools from sponsors, and key mentors and investors. 
Anyone with a business idea is encouraged to sign up before December 13, 2015 at 5pm. Ideator advisors will pick the top 5 ideas to pitch to their judges. Then the judges will pick the winner of $10,000. 
The judging team is made up of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, Salesforce's Head of Startup, Sugar Paper's Founder,'s Executive Director and CEO of Crunchbase. 
Google, CrunchBase, LegalZoom, ListHunt, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, salesforce.orgbox. org, Pledge 1%, Band of Angels and Perkinscoie. 
Far too often, a great idea fizzles out into nothingness because it needs execution. Collaborate with trusted professionals who will offer insight and strategies on how to help your $0 idea become a multimillion dollar business. Take advantage of this platform from anywhere in the world, in any industry and at any stage. 
You can create private or public circles depending on how you want to share, protect and secure your concept. Collaborate with your own team or Ideator's trusted advisors. 
Ideator is based out of San Francisco and San Diego and they have helped people all over the globe. Advisors include experts from Google, Facebook,, LinkedIn, AOL, Goldman Sachs and the impressive list goes on. 
If you would like more information, please visit: https://www.ideator. com/

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