Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Book Nook: Use the Force: A Jedi's Guide to the Law of Attraction

Tapping into your own "Jedi Force” may be easier than you think.  Just ask Joshua P. Warren, author of Use the Force: A Jedi's Guide to the Law of Attraction.  Warren has done extensive research on the law of attraction and his insights provide a unique perspective on how to get what you want.  Whether your desires and dreams are made of piles of money, good health, exotic vacations, or simply for the guy in front of you in line at Starbucks to pay-it-forward, Warren claims his secrets to finding your "Jedi Force” may very well work for you.     
I had a chance to read the book, which shows how to draw on the energy of the universe. It sounds odd, but it's still well-written, with exercises on how you can command this power to attract the life you want. "Ever since Star Wars was introduced to the masses, we've all had that wistful daydream of using 'the Force' in our own lives,” says Warren.  "Actually, we don't have to settle for daydreaming about the things we want.  All that's needed is the special know-how to channel your inner power.”   
Joshua P. Warren is a world traveler and has extensive experience investigating metaphysical phenomena.  Author of more than 20 books, he has appeared on The History Channel, Discovery, and the Travel Channel imparting his research and findings.  He is the director of the Wishing Machine project.     

Available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, www.JoshuaPWarren.com and all fine bookstores.

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