Thursday, May 26, 2016

Book Nook: Picture Books from Sky Pony Press

I recently had the chance to review two new picture books from Sky Pony Press.

Watch the Birdie! is a cute little book about a mouse who notices a baby bird fall from its nest. How can she help the bird back up before danger comes? It's a cute book with just the right amount of suspense for the youngest readers, with lessons on persistence and cooperation. The illustrations are very cute, and the happy ending provides a satisfying conclusion to the book.

My Amazing Dad is a great book for anyone whose dad isn't quite like other dads. This dad can't fix things, do yardwork well, or keep track of time. However, this dad is great at having fun with his kids and taking care of them where it counts. It's a perfect book for kids who may wish their dads were like other kids' dads, and helps celebrate the differences in all parents.

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