Thursday, May 26, 2016

Consumer Critique: The Real Co.

The Real Co sells a variety of certifiable, 100% Single Origin products, including: Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, and organically grown White Basmati Rice. The Real Co is a pioneer in Single Origin foods, where they honor the pact of transparency and never play-up the integrity of their sourcing. The Real Co promises its consumers a clear understanding of the source of their food, the methods used for farming, & how it is packaged & delivered. Honesty & trust is something that they take very seriously and are extremely proud to achieve!
Every grain of salt, sugar and rice can be traced to its source, which is shared on every package of food that bears The Real Co name. Every food item has the Non-GMO Project Verified seal and is harvested from one single place, single farm or single family.  The Real Co products are also Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic and Kosher!

I had a chance to sample of their products, and I was very pleased with the quality. My daughter loved the look of the pink rock salt, and the basmati rice cooked up deliciously. The organic raw cane sugar was also a hit - it does taste different than conventional table sugar when eaten plain (not that I do that on a regular basis, strictly for scientific purposes).

The Real Co Inc foods include:
The Real Co Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, handcrafted, in the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is 100% pure, 100% Single Origin, non-GMO; is unrefined and mountain washed in Himalayan mountain water, packing a whopping 84 active minerals in every grain! Mineral rich salt has far-reaching health benefits including reducing blood pressure, preventing muscle cramping, strengthening bones and more. The salt is available in a 20-ounce tub container for a suggested retail price of $6.99 or in a salt shaker container for a suggested retail price of $9.49.

The Real Co Organic Raw Cane Sugar, directly from Assukar Farms, Tayutic Valley in Costa Rica is 100% natural and organic, 100% Single Origin, non-GMO, and contains many natural vitamins & minerals. The sugar is available in 2 sizes: 8-ounce at a suggested retail price of $3.69 and 16-ounce at a suggested retail price of $4.49

The Real Co White Basmati Rice, directly from Gujrat Punjab from Farid Co-op Farm, is 100% natural and 100% Single Origin, low-GI & pre biotic, and non-GMO! The Real Co White Basmati Rice was farmed using no additives, no chemicals, and no pesticides.. The Real Co White Basmati Rice is a “super grain”, containing all essential Amino Acids and folic acid, and is gluten free and cholesterol free! The rice is available in 2 sizes: 16-ounce at a suggested retail price of $3.99 and 32-ounce at a suggested retail price of $6.49.

About The Real Co:
The Real Food Co was founded in 2013 in Valley Cottage, New York with a direct farm-to-market approach for the organic food industry. The new 100% Single Origin Foods concept supports farms at their source, cuts out the middleman, and delivers directly to the U.S. market, cutting costs of products compared to other manufacturers.

The Real Co
offers transparency to the consumer, and is developing the first
Certification of 100% Single Origin Foods in the U.S.  The Real Co pays fair wages and reinvests in both the land and the community that grows our products. The Real Co is available nationwide in numerous stores in every state; The Market in California, Natural Grocers (national), ShopRite, Fairway Market, Westerly Natural Market, Kings, Balducci, and Healthy Goodness. You can also find it on &  For more information and for a full list state by state is available at

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