Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Movie Minute: Awakened

In the movie Awakaned, newspaper reporter Jacob Harker loses his job, forcing him to move with his wife, Haley, into a small rental house. While moving, Jacob discovers a discarded audio recording of 60’s blues singer Carol James. He's so intrigued by the voice, he starts to learn more about her life - and her death. However, an evil spirit comes into play, sucking Jacob farther in, and terrorizing Haley, which creates a combination of fear and distrust in the household, and posing the questions: How can a marriage survive such attack, deception, and evil? Can the faith of one help restore the condition of another?

It's honestly an intriguing type of movie. It's darker than a typical Christian film, and deals with a very touchy subject - possession. It's definitely not family-friendly for young kids, although for families that enjoy suspense and horror films, it can provide a Christian take on those genres.

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