Friday, May 6, 2016

Shopping Savings: TrackR Mother's Day Promo

TrackR is a Bluetooth chip device that helps people keep track of their belongings. You can attach a TrackR bravo device to your phone, wallet, pocketbook, etc, and you’ll always be able to know where they are using the TrackR app or TrackR’s crowdsourced GPS network.
With Mother’s Day coming up, TrackR bravo makes for a fantastic gift, particularly for those moms who tend to be a bit forgetful. Through May 8, TrackR is advertising a Buy 2, Get 2 Free sale, for a total price of $60. (Normally, one chip is $29.99).

·         Keeps track of keys, pets, bikes, mobile devices or anything  else you value that may go missing
·         Two-way ringer means your phone can find anything connected to your TrackR bravo, and anything connected to your TrackR bravo can find your phone, even on silent
  • Uses TrackR’s Distance Indicator to find items within 100 ft. via Bluetooth or Crowd GPS to find items world-wide
·         Features beautiful anodized aluminum construction for the thinnest and most durable tracking device
·         Custom separation alert notifies you before you leave items behind
  • App integrates with home Wi-Fi and Nest network to disable alerts from sounding when wandering around the house
  • Uses a reusable battery which cuts down on lifetime costs, and keeps the crowd GPS network strong
Available at:, Best Buy (US & Canada), Everything Everywhere, Brookstone, Staples and Fry’s Electronics

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