Friday, August 26, 2016

Parenting Pointers: The Intelligent Divorce

The Intelligent Divorce is not the nice divorce, the spiritual divorce, or even the nasty divorce. "Look, if you're going to break up, do it wisely and allow everyone – especially children - to move on,” says Mark Banschick, MD ― a medical doctor trained at Georgetown and New York-Cornell Hospitals. He is the author of The Intelligent Divorce book series and online course, the podcast, and now offers courses online so anyone can get scientifically validated advice without coming to the office.

•    For example, here is a video clip about divorce from a child's point of view:

•    And a clip depicting how parents can make things worse:

Mark R. Banschick, M.D. is a child psychiatrist and a retired expert witness in custody disputes. Dr. Banschick's been quoted in The New York Times,,,, and featured on The Early Show and The Huffington Post. His articles are read by over 30,000 people a week on Psychology Today. Dr. Banschick is available for print, radio and television interviews, to talk about marriage, divorce or parenting.

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