Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Book Nook: How Three Brothers Saved the Navy

I recently had a chance to review How Three Brothers Saved the Navy, third in the Kare Kids series. It's a pretty fantastical story, about three brothers who are checking out an abandoned airfield. When they notice some skydivers, they realize that they're enemy agents training to land on a navy aircraft carrier with weapons and explosives. The game of Force Recon Marine suddenly turns into a real adventure while they try to find out exactly when and where this will happen, and get the information back to the navy before their father's ship is hit. Then they're captured by the agents, and need to get away.

It's a fun Hardy Boys type adventure, where kids end up coming to the rescue of adults. They were fun to read when I was a kid, and it's fun for today's kids to read them as well. It doesn't matter that the situation itself is a little outside of what would likely happen - what matters to kids is that it could, and they're heroes. This series is good for giving kids strong, brave characters to read about; I've enjoyed getting the three installments in the series so far!

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