Thursday, October 6, 2016

Parenting Pointers: Educational Tech

Kids have gone back to school Andrea Smith will show you what technology is useful for education and how to save money purchasing it. Today’s students study differently than their parents – they use their phones, social networks, and messaging apps to get their assignments, do their homework and form study groups.  Today, the hard-drive crash is the equivalent of the dog eating the homework….it’s not an excuse for not doing homework.  Join Andrea as she identifies those products that will give students the advantage.

Andrea is co-host of the Parenting Bytes Podcast on the CBS network and she currently appears as a guest expert in technology segments for WABC TV and CNBC.  She has appeared on ABC’s World News Now, Good Morning America Now, and ABC affiliated Radio and TV stations across the U.S. She spent over two decades as technology producer at ABC News and was Lifestyle Channel Editor at Mashable.  Andrea is Executive Producer and Host at Living in Digital Times and CE Week, and writes about consumer tech for lifestyle sites and publications.
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