Monday, March 27, 2017

Book Nook: No Limits - Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity

I recently had a chance to review the release of bestselling author John C. Maxwells brand new book No Limits: Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity. The book is written for anyone who wants to achieve success and growth - which really is everybody. It helps readers identify their own abilities and choices that affect our capacity. Some traits are, to some extent, already a part of our personality - our natural leadership ability, our creativity, and our energy level (although all three can be improved to some extent). Some traits are very much things that we can control - attitude, character, and being intentional.

The author does a good job of looking at each of these traits. He helps readers be aware of their current abilities, and also gives advice on how to increase their capacity. Instead of looking at capacity like a limit, he looks at it as something that can be increased.

The book was very encouraging to read. The idea that we can improve upon our abilities isn't something that always sinks in to us as adults. However, Maxwell makes it clear that anyone has the ability to stretch themselves and increase their potential. He not only encourages readers, he also provides specific steps to make it a reality.

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