Saturday, March 25, 2017

Money Makers: Meditation and Margaritas

Karin Roest, former celebrity talent scout & global producer shares how women are approaching business differently than men & why that's a good thing.  
According to the National Women's Business Council, female-run businesses will increase 50% over the next five years. (Source)
Why is this? A new outlook is trending among women in the workplace - one that promotes happiness, fulfillment, and longevity - and it is paying off in a big way. The latest generation of female professionals are unapologetically multiface ted. Having multiple passions, interests, jobs, and ambitions is the new norm and it is this diversity that creates success. 
We call this trend Meditation & Margaritas and it is especially appealing to the female brain which is hardwired for multi-tasking. 
"The female make-up is a patchwork of contrasting ideas, experiences, and attributes," says Karin Roest.  "Meditation & Margaritas is a mindset that reminds women to embrace this diversity and use it to reach their professional and personal goals."
From orphan to celebrity talent scout to buddhist nun, Karin Roest is the epitome of this mantra.  She has used her diverse cultural background to succeed in business and is inspiring women to do the same. 
Today Karin teaches women to turn their fear of the unknown into courage. 
I had a chance to interview Karin to learn more.

What is the Meditation & Margaritas approach?
Meditation and Margaritas is a philosophy based on balance. It helps women understand how to merge the complex aspects of their personality, skills, passions, and interests into one extraordinary life. It shows them how to use their life experiences and innate gifts of multi-tasking to self-actualize their goals and create practical methods to achieve them.

What do women need to consider when deciding to run a business?
First, you must believe that you are as good as anyone else out there, even your biggest role models. I’ve been working with celebrities for 15 years, and seen many time how unknown people with a lot of potential tend to place higher value on others than themselves. Women in particular are often taught to be “nice” instead of empowered and assertive, which delays their progress. It is also important to use a proven system that combines all of the best parts of who you are into your revenue streams so that you feel complete in anything that you do. This is the most effective way to do meaningful work that is worth getting paid for.

What typically holds women back from taking this risk?
They get confused because there are so many self-proclaimed experts that share conflicting information about how to grow your business. So it’s important to get advice from someone who has worked with the most influential people in the world, as they provide the most secure business structures to model after. Another big issue is hidden self-sabotage. You know you’re capable, but their inner voices chime in and says, “Who do you think you are? You should be taking care of the kids, your husband, or your job instead making that business plan that’s going to make you truly happy!” That’s a dream killer. The most successful Meditation & Margaritas women always save some time for themselves, and master the daily demands of life with ease and grace.

How can women prepare to jump into business ownership?
Women should invest in getting help to create their business plans before they’re clear on what they want to do and how to do it, or else they often won’t take the leap. This is a lifelong process with many different moving parts, so pace yourself. Then focus on developing a strategy to do work that you love AND how to make money from it. There are always fast tracks to get paid early on, so focus on those first as you’ll need that profit to invest back into your business in the beginning to keep on growing.

How can women use their own background and characteristics to create a personal brand?
Your background, characteristics, and the stories that have made you stronger should be the focal point of your personal brand, as this makes you stand out as a thought leader. What you do comes second. Women have the right to share all aspects of themselves without shame: The good, the bad, and the ugly. For example, I often do my client calls through Skype without makeup. I look natural but always know how to deliver what is expected without feeling ashamed to show my blemishes, physical or emotional. Do you let people see the real you? Once women have an unapologetic attitude show the world their femininity, vulnerability, strength, they will join the ranks of the rest of the Meditation & Margaritas women that are rewarded for showing theirs.

Karin Roest is an entrepreneur, author, and female empowerment enthusiast. As a celebrity talent scout & global producer, she has worked with celebrities like Pitbull, Britney Spears and Macklemore. 
Her diverse connections and cultural experiences has helped guide her to become the entrepreneur she is today. 
Courageously confronting the unknown, from sneaking in and out of war zones to rebuild African communities to unraveling the mysterious deaths of her birth parents and three biological sisters, and meditating for one year in silence in Myanmar (Burma), Karin shares her findings about the true meaning of solitude, freedom, happiness, and love to chronicle the lifelong map of her past that has paved the way for the future understanding of herself, the world, and her place within it.

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