Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Parenting Pointers: 10 Criminally Overlooked Must-Have Items for Infants

Many new parents make the mistake of padding their baby registry with non-essential items while neglecting products that they will actually need for their little one. In this post, you’ll find top must-have items for infants that you and your baby will need to get through the first months.

1. Baby wrap

It’s a sweet carrier option that you can use in the early months. The baby wrap is made of fabric, so it’s soft on your baby’s skin.

A baby wrap can be a bit tricky. However, if you pick a style that makes it easier for you to put it on you shouldn’t run into any problems.

2. Doctor’s tools

Your kids can be uncooperative during doctor’s visits, especially if they’re sick. To avoid bringing to the doctor for every little thing, there are some items you can keep at home to avoid the extra trip.

Make sure that you keep a bottle of acetaminophen drops in your medicine cabinet.  It can treat fever, but make sure to confer with your child’s doctor beforehand to get their recommendation.

It’s also important to keep a nasal aspirator when your newborn can't breathe because of a stuffy nose. Also purchase a digital baby thermometer, so that you can check his temperature as needed.

3. Travel system

Here you won’t need a separate car seat or stroller. A travel system lets you slide the baby’s car seat out of the base. Then, snap it in place on your stroller.

What’s great about it is that the product does double-duty, allowing you to save some money by forgoing buying a second item.

4. Swaddle blanket

For the first year, a swaddling blanket is a yes-yes. With this item, your baby is wrapped in a way that is comforting to them, lulling them into a more peaceful state.

5. Crib and mattress

When you buy a crib and mattress, ensure that they meet the consumer safety requirements. To prolong the life of a mattress, buy a quilted mattress pad and waterproof liners.

6. Teething toys

They can help in making the teething pain go away. One of the toys you can have for your baby is a Baltic Wonder amber teething necklace. It has a natural anti-inflammatory property that soothes the teething pain.

7. Diaper bag

Make sure that it’s a diaper bag that can double as your own bag. In that way, you’ll be as stylish as ever without having to carry a giant baby bag.

8. Breastfeeding pillow

To avoid bringing a huge nursing pillow with you when you’re traveling, opt for a breastfeeding pillow that is compact and easy to carry around. You can rely on this item to reduce the strain on your back while you’re breastfeeding your baby.

9. Travel Chair

It can act like a high chair. The only difference is that you can easily slide it into the back of your car and fix it on the side of a dining table when you’re out in a restaurant.

10. Infant tub

An infant tub makes it easy to give your baby a bath, whether that be in your kitchen sink or quickly changing your large bathroom tub into a smaller one to accommodate your little one. Just make sure that it’s a tub that can accommodate newborns.

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