Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Nook: NIV KIds' Visual Study Bible

I recently had a chance to review the NIV Kids' Visual Study Bible by Zondervan Publishing. For many kids, the Bible can seem like a dull, boring, inaccessible book with stories that are hard to follow (except for some of the familiar favorites). This Bible helps break things down for visual learners in an easy-to-read version that is user-friendly and helps kids find the key points.

The Bible's layout makes it easier for kids to read. Each page has fewer text blocks than traditional Bibles, with wide margins that easily highlight key points, drawing the reader into the story and allowing for ample note-taking. Color illustrations and photographs bring the stories alive. Each book's introduction also has a key image to help readers get focused on the chapter.

This is an excellent version of the Bible for reluctant readers that doesn't water down the text, but helps readers through the full text of the Bible. It's designed for kids ages eight through twelve, but isn't too childish to be used throughout middle and high school - or even for adults who are looking for a version that isn't so intimidating.

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