Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Parenting Pointers: Creative Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are like special holidays, reserved to celebrate nobody else but the birthday boy or girl. No wonder kids love them so much!

Sure, there are tons of boxed birthday party ideas that you can throw together with a quick trip to a party supply store; but, if you really want to make your child’s special day something out of the ordinary and unlike any other party he or she has ever been to, get your creative juices flowing with some of these out of the box ideas.

Super Girl Party

Superheroes aren’t just for boys; girls love them, too! What better way to celebrate your little girl’s awesomeness than by throwing her a superhero-themed party just for girls!
There are literally dozens of female caped (or non-caped) crusaders that you can play off of for this unique party idea; Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Bat Girl, Black Widow… the list goes on and on.

Bright colors, like pink, purple, turquoise and yellow are perfect for this themed-party. Make a city skyline by cutting skyscraper silhouettes out of purple, pink and turquoise poster board and gluing yellow squares onto them to create the look of lights. Affix the buildings onto a large piece of black poster board and you have the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. Hand out pink, purple and turquoise masks and capes. Print out images of beloved girl superheroes and display them throughout the party space.

With this unique party idea, your little girl and her guests will definitely feel like they have super powers for the day.


Boys who are all about outdoors will really enjoy this interactive birthday party idea: a campout!
Tents set up in the backyard can be the main attraction, but there are so many other creative ideas that you can incorporate into a campout-themed party. Set them out on a nature scavenger hunt. Show an outdoor movie. Cook up some classic camping food on a campfire. Forego the birthday cake and instead, roast some marshmallows and make s’mores.

If you want to make the fun last (and you’re feeling brave,) let the guys’ campout in the backyard for the night and tell spooky stories under the moonlight. There’s no doubt that your little adventurer and his buddies will have a blast.

Life-Sized Candy Land

Looking for a creative party idea that will work for both boys and girls? How about bringing the much-love children’s board game Candy Land to life?
Use the real game as your inspiration and create your own life-sized board game. Cut out large squares from different colors of poster board and set them out on the ground throughout your yard or house. Create playing cards by cutting out smaller squares in the same colors and gluing them to the back of index cards. Hand out the playing cards and ask kids flip them over, they have to walk to the square of the corresponding color.
Of course, don’t forget to create different spots along your life-sized board game that mimic the locations in the real game; Peppermint Forest, Gumdrop Mountains, Lollipop Woods, etc. Hand out treats that correspond to each location as players pass through; giant lollipops when they pass through Lollipop Woods and candy canes when the pass through Peppermint Forest, for example.
This birthday party is sure to tickle the sweet tooth of your birthday boy or girl and all party goers, too!

With these creative party ideas, your child is sure to have a birthday that he or she will remember forever!

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