Friday, August 11, 2017

Book Nook: Musical Exploration Storybooks from Hal Leonard and Disney

Hal Leonard is a major music publisher, and Disney creates well-known children's entertainment. They've teamed up in a selection of books I got to review, Disney Learning "Explore Music" series. The books are great on their own, but they also come with additional online content. Each book focuses on different elements of music making, weaving story and activity suggestions together. They're designed for kids ages 4 and up, but honestly could be used with toddlers through early elementary pretty well.

Moana: The Beat of Your Heart focuses on rhythm - hand clapping, drumming, body rhythm. Tangled: It's Better When You Sing It incorporates elements of vocal music, including tempo, pitch, and volume. Mickey's Found Sounds focuses on creating music with object around them, incorporating music with crafts and experimentation.

The books were created by a team of music educators and other professionals, commissioned by Disney Learning. They also contain tips for parents and caregivers about how to incorporate music into every day life.

Music can be a very powerful thing, and it's great to have a resource to introduce it to kids from an early age. These books are good for the music-loving parent who wants to start their kids into music early, or for the parent who doesn't know a lot about music and wants to guidance in exposing their kids to musical concepts and ideas.

The books will be available on Hal Leonard's website or at music and bookstores around the country.

Look for Moana: The Beat of Your Heart - A Musical Exploration Activity BookTangled: It's Better When You Sing It - A Musical Exploration Storybook, and Mickey's Found Sounds - A Musical Exploration Storybook at fine music and bookstores everywhere or by visiting

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