Monday, March 1, 2021

Fun Freetime: Cubekins

 I recently had a chance to see a screener of a new Christian faith-based show for kids called Cubekins. The show provides family-friendly content designed for kids ages 3-8 and was created by two homeschooling dads and their families. 

It's an animated small-town tale of an energetic young boy named Kip exploring a constantly-changing world and learning more about his never-changing God. Although my kids are older than the target age range, I still found this to be a cute show. The characters are friendly, the show is easy to follow, and it teaches easy-to-understand lessons for kids about God. (And those eyes are just so cute!)

You can buy or rent Cubekins episode 1 - Invasion of the Cubecumbers - on the Cubekins website (or other available streaming platforms). If you become a fan member at you can get exclusive content like coloring books, bonus videos, and more (downloads, members-only sections, future perks, etc).

I have the chance to giveaway one free screening link of Cubekins so you can check out the fun for yourself! To enter, leave a comment with what you think you'd like best about the show. Deadline is March 5th.

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