Friday, June 21, 2024

Amazing Apps - Upside

 As schools are letting out for the summer and people are beginning to head out on their summer vacations, cost-conscious travelers should add a new app to their phone: Upside (use code BEKAH7923 to get an extra $5 when you sign up).

Full disclosure - I've used this app for a while. It is incredibly easy - it takes just seconds to earn cash back. We use it primarily on gas fill-ups and are fortunate to live in an area with quite a few gas stations that participate (although we've noticed on road trips sometimes there are huge areas where gas rewards aren't available).

This popular customer cashback tool — which is the largest food and fuel app in the US — is a great choice for domestic travel this summer, particularly for those taking road trips and staying in vacation rental homes where frequent stops at the pump, runs into the convenience store for beverages and car snacks, dining out, and stocking up on groceries for the kitchen will be a regular occurrence.


Upside is a digital marketplace which partners with over 100,000 grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores nationwide to drive customers to their brick and mortar locations through personalized cash back incentives. The offers are delivered to consumers via the Upside app and when claimed, consumers get the cash back delivered to their bank account or via gift cards. Upside partners with 20% of gas stations nationwide. Upside makes consumer dollars go further with cash back to earn more from every gas fill up, convenience store purchase, restaurant dining, coffee stop, and grocery trip.


Key benefits for Upside app users 


  • The Upside app is free  
  • Users earn real cash back every time they use it versus confusing rewards and points. 
    • Up to $10 cash back every time they go to the grocery store or dine out 
    • Up to 25¢/gal cash back on gas 
  • Frequent users earn an average of $340 a year 
    • People can earn 3x more cash back with Upside than other products. This includes loyalty programs and credit card rewards.  
  • Users can cash out their balance any time. It goes straight to their bank account, PayPal, or as a gift card to places like Amazon. 




Best of all, since Upside is available nationwide, wherever travelers happen to roam this summer, the app will continue to deliver updated offers for a current location.


The Upside app also routinely trends as a top downloaded travel app on Apple and Google. At the time of this release it is #18 on Apple and #10 on Google for travel apps. It has been #1 on both as well.


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