Friday, June 21, 2024

Going Green - Columbia Grain

 In late March, Columbia Grain International's (CGI) Enrich Foods launched its Climate-Friendly Rice at an event hosted by the USDA, making it the first consumer product funded by the USDA'S Climate Smart Commodities initiative. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack attended the event in Wisconsin to expand market opportunities for farmers, combat the climate crisis, and strengthen rural America. 


Traditional rice cultivation involves flooding rice fields during the growing cycle. Excessive use of water provides high yields for farmers but also creates a number of environmental challenges. Enrich Foods’ Climate-Friendly Certified Rice™ was created to reduce excess water and be more climate-friendly without compromising the food that we eat and the environment that we live in.  

More specifically, Columbia Grain International has joined forces with agricultural technology company AgriCapture who, with the support and subsidy from the USDA, has developed a process that better manages water flow and planting patterns. This in turn enables large-scale cultivation while greatly reducing negative environmental effect. Truly the beginning of what Columbia Grain hopes to be a significant evolution within the domestic rice farming category.

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