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Fun Freetime: PJ Library LISTEN

This year, make a resolution to bring great, award-winning and meaningful entertainment to your children through PJ Library's numerous fee-free offerings - from the new streaming entertainment hub, PJ Library LISTEN (, to receiving monthly age-appropriate books through PJ Library.
Launched in January, PJ Library LISTEN is a fee-free curated streaming hub for family-friendly audio and video entertainment. With one click, families may access hours of audio stories, themed musical playlists, animated videos and the 24/7 PJ Library Radio channel. New and seasonal content will be added to PJ Library LISTEN every month.
The children's literature and music experts at PJ Library select the content for PJ Library LISTEN.  Picture books by authors like Jennifer Rosner and Bara Bat-Shemcome to life in animated videos. The curated playlists feature songs for most any occasion: back to school, bedtime and family dance parties by children's music stars Joanie Leeds, Mister G and Josh and the Jamtones as well as artists like Nefesh Mountain, Rick Recht, and a special upcoming playlist featuring Lisa Loeb.  All the content is available anywhere, anytime, and with no fee or sign-up required.
"PJ Library LISTEN offers families a wealth of entertainment options, and parents can trust that the content is safe and worthwhile," notes Meredith Lewis, director of content for PJ Library. Monthly new musical selections reflect modern styles and content consistent with Jewish values, according to Lewis.
For parents seeking to share the very best-in Jewish storybooks with their children, PJ Library is an award-winning program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation which sends more than 220,000 books per month to families raising Jewish children across North America. PJ Library is a fun, easy way to introduce kids to Jewish traditions, culture, and values through expertly curated, age-specific monthly selections, for children ages 6 months to 8 years old. The experiences changes for kids at age 9 when they graduate to PJ Our Way and get to choose their own book each month. To sign up for the free monthly program or partake in a wealth of activities, recipes and parenting articles, as well as a new podcast for kids: "Have I Got a Story for You," visit and

About The Harold Grinspoon Foundation/PJ Library
The Harold Grinspoon Foundation operates creative programs to engage the Jewish community by meeting people where they are at key life moments and by providing access to the best of Jewish culture and tradition, while using philanthropy to encourage others to invest in the Jewish community. To learn more, visit:
PJ Library® is an award-winning program started by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation that engages families in their Jewish journey by giving free Jewish books and music to children ages 0-11. PJ Library has partnerships with philanthropists and local Jewish organizations in nearly 200

Area Attraction: Phyllis Galembo - Maske at Boca Raton Museum of Art

Phyllis Galembo: Maske major photography exhibition (January 28 - May 31). Meet the artist on May 17 at 3:00 p.m. at the Museum for a special appearance (lecture and book signing)

Museum goers will be spellbound by the transformative power of the African masquerade, as the Boca Raton Museum of Art presents Phyllis Galembo: Maske.

Her striking photographic series of contemporary mask rituals has drawn national and international critical acclaim. These large-scale images are nearly life-size and explore spiritual realms with brilliant, mesmerizing colors.

For more than 30 years, the artist has traveled around the world to photograph participants in contemporary masquerade events that range from traditional, religious ceremonies to secular celebrations.

The exhibition opens January 28 and is on view through May 31. On May 17 at 3:00 p.m., Galembo will visit the museum to share personal stories about her work and her travels, the ritual mask ceremonies, and will sign two of her books at this personal appearance--Maske (published by Aperture), and Mexico, Masks and Rituals (by Radius Books and DAP).

Phyllis Galembo's photographs are included in numerous public and private collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Public Library. She is represented by Axis Gallery. Using a direct, unaffected portrait style, she captures her subjects informally posed but often beautifully attired in traditional and ritualistic dress.

Attuned to a moment’s collision of past, present and future, Phyllis Galembo is recognized for her ability to find the timeless elegance and dignity of her subjects. She highlights the creativity of the individuals morphing into a fantastical representation of themselves, having cobbled together materials gathered from the immediate environment to idealize their vision of mythical figures.

Complementing Galembo’s exhibition are more than 40 African tribal artifacts from the Museum’s collection, including headdresses and masks, each pertaining to masquerades and ceremonies. These are exhibited in an adjacent gallery, across from the Galembo show.

Parenting Pointers: What to Know When Planning Your First Vacation with Baby

Traveling is such an adventure and even more so when you travel with kids. Showing them the world exposes them to new experiences and instills values of curiosity and exploration. If you’re one of the millions of Americans traveling as a family, then you also understand how stressful it can be to go on vacation with babies. Totts founder and mom, Alejandra Tejada, shares her insight on how to make kid travel feel less like work and more like a vacation!

The start of a new year brings a lot of firsts. Two years ago, we took our first vacation with our (then) 3-month old baby. It was the first vacation together and my last before I returned from maternity leave. We have lots of stories and lessons learned from that trip, many of which I will get into in future posts. Reflecting back, it was the best vacation we've taken as a family to date. Despite the challenges and stress, why do we look back so fondly on this time? It just worked. I’ll explain.
Cartagena, Colombia was a natural choice for us for our first trip together. We wanted a stopover on our way to meet family in Bogota and a warm destination to save us from Boston’s winter tundra. Picking the right location, hotel and activities were key - but there were other pieces that just happened to fit into place (by luck no less!)
Here’s what we learned and still apply to travel these days.

Location, location, location!
When you’re considering your first trip with your child you may think beach vacations are the only ones that work— don’t limit yourself! Look for locations that have the mix of activities you want (e.g., site seeing, beach, restaurants) that are all central to where you’re staying.

Cartagena worked for us because we wanted a mix of culture, picture-perfect sites, a pool, and delicious food (with plenty of ice cream breaks). We had access to all of this within a quarter mile walking radius. It’s worth splurging to get the location you need especially if you are traveling with a little one. My son was 3 months and feeding every 1.5 hours at the time, so it was key to be able to go back to the hotel when I needed to take care of him but still feel like I wasn’t a slave to the room or hotel.

Hotel vs Airbnb rentals
You’ll hear a lot of parents going only the Airbnb / vacation rental route, but for us it depends. For our first trip we chose a hotel that had a living room and kitchenette. We enjoyed the comfort of a buffet breakfast every morning, cleaning service and concierge help while also having a place to set up a changing station, heat bottles and wash equipment. There are a lot of benefits to both and if you can find something in between that works for you the better, especially for your first vacation. We now know what works for us in each travel situation, which is generally a mix of both. After all, it’s vacation!

Prepare for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad FIRST day
This was a lesson learned for us. And if it’s not a bad day, you have luck on your side! We found that the first day adjusting from any trip has been difficult. Whether it’s the time change, sleeping arrangements or just getting used to a new location it’s important not to expect too much from the first day. Don’t set an itinerary, go with the flow and try to enjoy your first day adjusting together. Starting a trip with these expectations helps set the tone for the fact that your first trip with baby is not like what you’re used to. You have to operate in baby steps (excuse the pun), and when they are that cute, it makes up for not operating at regular speed.

Overpack, the extra weight outweighs the extra worry—  but don’t let this discourage you from travel!
I’m not a fan of over-packing, and that’s why I started Totts. However, I will say this: being prepared for the unexpected helped me ease my initial fears of traveling with baby. You really don’t know what to expect that first time so if you need to pay for extra luggage, bring more supplies or back-ups (I even brought a back-up pump in case my failed) — do it. While this may discourage you from taking the trip in the first place, don’t let it! If I needed to bring my whole home on this vacation, I would have done so in a heartbeat to have the memories that I now have of this first trip. When I’m feeling blue or realizing how fast my baby has grown, I find comfort in the memories we made when he was 3 months old in Cartagena.  And a small baby that sits calmly on top of your legs while you a sip a cold drink isn’t bad either! 
The good news is that the earlier you start traveling with your baby, they will learn travel skills right along with you and vacations will once again be something the whole family will look forward to taking. 

About: Alejandra Tejada is the founder and CEO of Totts.  After spending four years in product innovation and digital consumer research, she left a startup incubator at a Fortune 100 company to pursue her passion for sharing travel with children by creating Totts. Prior to this, she spent six years with an international non-profit, Accion International. Alejandra has a BA from the University of San Diego and an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Contest: The TurfMutt Foundation - The (Really) Great Outdoors

The TurfMutt Foundation announces The (Really) Great Outdoors Contest 2020, focused on urging kids to use their imaginations around the many uses and benefits of green space and the outdoors. Open to students in grades six to eight, last year’s contest drew over 2,700 submissions from middle school youth.

Created in partnership with Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, the contest encourages students to write about and/or draw a nature space their community could use. Students are also asked to include text to describe the space, discuss what elements are needed, and how their space will be used to benefit the community. Each entry can be no more than three pages.

“We mean it when we say nature starts at your back door. Introducing kids to the outdoors is good for them and good for all of us,” says Kris Kiser, President and CEO of the TurfMutt Foundation and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. “Family yards, school yards and parks are part of a vast ecosystem that supports all of us. The contest helps the next generation envision how people—wherever they may live—can spend time outside.”

Last year’s contest was open to middle schoolers for the first time. “Our winners last year imagined beautiful and, more importantly, functional and purposeful designs for green spaces,” said Kiser. 

“We want kids to understand that our lawns and greenspaces are urban habitats. These spaces are critical to wildlife, pollinators, and the health and well-being of communities,” said Kiser. “They need to picture themselves within those greenspaces—and the contest is a great way for them to do that.”

Ten thousand dollars in prizes will be awarded through the contest. The grand prize for a student is $2,500, with teachers and the school each receiving a $750 prize. The first place student will receive $2,000 and the teacher and the school will each receive $500. The second place student will receive $1,500 and the teacher and the school will each receive $250. The third place student will receive $750 and the teacher and the school will each receive $125.

Teachers can download lesson plans and contest entry information from Entries can be accepted online and uploaded by teachers, or mailed in by teachers or students alike. Entries are due March 16, 2020. Last year’s winning entries are available online for viewing.

The program’s educational materials are free and support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) standards for grades K–8. The TurfMutt environmental education program, funded and managed by OPEI’s Research and Education Foundation, has reached 70 million students, teachers, and families since 2009.

About TurfMutt
TurfMutt was created by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s (OPEI) TurfMutt Foundation and has reached more than 70 million children, educators, and families since 2009. Through classroom materials developed with Scholastic, TurfMutt teaches students and teachers how to “save the planet, one yard at a time.” TurfMutt is an official U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC®) Education Partner and part of their global LEARNING LAB. TurfMutt has been used as an education resource at the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Green Apple, the Center for Green Schools, the Outdoors Alliance for Kids, the National Energy Education Development (NEED) project, Climate Change Live, Petfinder and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In 2017, the TurfMutt animated video series won the coveted Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award for Best Interstitial Series. TurfMutt’s personal, home habitat is featured in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Wildlife Habitat Council calendars. More information at

Shopping Savings: Valentine's Day Restaurant Deals

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast on Friday, February 14. Even if you aren’t planning to celebrate with flowers, chocolates and all things red, perhaps you will want to take advantage of the food discounts happening.
Below are restaurants with Valentine’s Day offers that everyone can enjoy. (Make sure you call your local restaurant to confirm that they’re honoring these Valentine’s Day specials!).

Auntie Anne’s: The pretzel chain plans to present its Valentine’s Day specials throughout the holiday week, unveiling surprise delivery offers from February 10 through 13. Then on February 14, Auntie Anne’s is offering buy-one-get-one heart-shaped pretzels in-store only. This offer is available at participating locations around the country via the Pretzel Perks app.
bd’s Mongolian Grill: The casual create-your-own stir-fry grill is offering its red deep-fried Oreos served with hot fudge for $5 between February 10 and February 15. Yummy!
California Pizza Kitchen: From February 11 through February 16, California Pizza Kitchen guests can order any pizza on heart-shaped crispy thin crust for no additional charge. But this is only valid at participating locations, so call ahead. Plus, they have a “Sweet Deal for Two” dine-in promotion that’s available from February 2 to February 16. For $35, you’ll get the choice of one appetizer, two entrées and one dessert from a prix fixe menu. Two glasses of wine are another $12!Boston MarketLast year, Boston Market offered two Rotisserie Prime Rib individual meals for $29.99 or $5 off any Family Meal at all U.S. locations. The coupon was available via eBlast at Hopefully, they have a similar deal this year!
Chick-fil-A: Chick-fil-A is offering 30-count nuggets, 6-count chocolate chunk cookies and 10-count chick-n-minis in the shape of a heart. These special trays will be available at participating restaurants beginning Monday, January 20, until February 29, while supplies last. Availability varies by location, so please check with your local restaurant to confirm.
Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant: This year’s Valentine’s Day specials include surf-and-turf filet medallions and parmesan-crusted lobster tail, plus horseradish and parmesan crusts, roasted root vegetables and potatoes for $36.99. Or choose to order twin parmesan-crusted lobster tails with sides for $38.99. For dessert, treat yourself to a dark chocolate flourless chocolate torte with vanilla whipped cream and berries for only $8.99.
Denny’s: Last year, Denny’s offered their rewards members 20 percent off their meal (in-store only) from February 12 to February 18. Stay tuned to see if they do this in 2020!
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit: On Valentine’s Day, you can order two meat plates for only $24. Choose from options like authentic slow-smoked meats, two savory sides and a buttery roll.
Firehouse Sub: This sandwich shop is running a special sub special on February 14. After 4 p.m., get a free medium sub with the purchase of an additional medium or large sub, chips and a drink.
Fogo de Chão: If they do what they did last year, Fogo de Chão will offer any couple who purchases a full churrasco lunch, dinner or Sunday Brunch between Friday, February 14, and Sunday, February 16, a complimentary dining card redeemable for a churrasco lunch, dinner or Sunday Brunch of equal or greater value. Fingers crossed!
Hooters: Now here’s something different. Last year, Hooter’s offered the option to bring a photo of your ex to the restaurant to shred. There were shredders provided at participating Hooters restaurants, or customers had the option to do it virtually at They were rewarded with satisfaction and a buy one, get one deal for 10-piece boneless wings. Customers participating online received a digital coupon for the deal. Hope they do it again this year!
Hungry Howie’s: Last year, Hungry Howie’s offered a heart-shaped pizza with any topping for $6.99 using the promo code “HEART1.” Customers could also send someone the “2 Hearts Are Better Than 1” combo deal that comes with a heart-shaped pizza and a heart-shaped Howie cheese bread for $12.99 using the code “HEART2.” What a great idea!
Jack in the Box: In 2019, Jack in the Box offered customers who place an order through their mobile app a free five-piece churro, cheesecake or regular shake on February 14. We predict they will run this promo again! Plus, Jack in the Box just brought back mini tacos!
Logan’s RoadhouseVisit Logan’s Roadhouse between February 10–16 for a chance to win a Rock ’n’ Romance $10,000 Getaway, including two four-day VIP tickets to Country Music’s Nashville festival, roundtrip airfare for two, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, $1,500 spending card and a Logan’s gift card.
Maggiano’s Little Italy: Check out the “That’s Amore!” dinner-for-two menu from February 7–16. The special three-course prix fixe menu offers a choice of any starter or two side salads, two entrées and dessert. Maggiano’s will even prepare these dishes for carryout if you prefer to eat at home.
McAlister’s DeliMcAlister’s is hosting their annual Valentine’s Day family date night! Kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entrée for dine-in or carryout orders.
Mrs. Fields: Right now, Mrs. Fields is offering $15 off sitewide with code “LOVE” on their website.
Nékter Juice Bar: Sign up for the Nékter Juice Bar Loyalty app and receive a buy one 16-ounce Pink Flamingo Smoothie, get one 16-ounce Pink Flamingo Smoothie free coupon.
Ocean Prime: For Valentine’s Day, Ocean Prime’s restaurants will offer a special menu that feature will be available one night only, with prices ranging from $62 to $65, depending on the location.
Pie Five PizzaCelebrate Valentine’s Day with two personal pizzas from Pie Five for just $10.99! Offer available online only, and this delivery is only available at participating locations. Find the offer code on your local Pie Five Facebook page.
Potbelly: Last year, Potbelly celebrated being single on Valentine’s Day! Anyone who came in solo could choose a free cookie with the purchase of an entrée sandwich or salad on February 14. Now that’s some self-love!
Romano’s Macaroni Grill: From February 7 to February 16, Romano’s Macaroni Grill is offering a special, three-course prix fix Valentine’s Day menu for two for $45. It even comes with a suggested wine pairing! Reservations required.
Rosa Mexicano: From February 14 through February 15, Rose Mexicano is offering a Valentine’s Day dinner specials. Treat your date!
STK: At STK, romance starts with steak. The restaurant is offering Valentine’s Day specials at all locations from Friday, February 14, through Sunday, February 16. They will have food and beverage specials all weekend long.
TCBYOn Friday, February 14, TCBY is celebrating with a BOGO offer! Try their special Valentine’s Day flavors, such as soft-serve Chocolate Covered Strawberry Swirl and hand-scooped Strawberry & Cream.
Verve Coffee: Last Valentine’s Day, Verve offered Ritual Chocolate’s Mid Mountain Blend bar and a 12-ounce bag of their new Wilder Blend, for $25, both in-stores and online. They also had free shipping on products and gear, including their subscription boxes, from January 31 through February 5. Check back to see if they run this promo again!
White CastleThis isn’t a deal, but it is special! White Castle is taking reservations for its 29th-annual super-extra Valentine’s Day dinner. There will be hostess seating, table-side service, and the whole place will be decked out in festive decor. Judging from past Instagrams, many locations also had photo opps readily set up for you and your date. Wow!
Yogurtland“Spoon with your sweetie” because Yogurtland is offering their beloved red spoons for free after 2 p.m. on February 14.

Book Nook: White Bird Book One - Among the Nez Perce

White Bird Book One: Among the Nez Perce is a work of historical fiction, set to the background of West Central Idaho during the early stages of US military escalation into the Vietnam conflict.

The history behind “White Bird” is well documented and a decade of research has gone into this writing. The American government signed a treaty with the people in the 1850’s allotting the entire region to them. In 1876 the new treaty displaced many tribes from their ancestral homes, requiring them to move onto a reservation that decreased in size by 90% and resulting in the Battle of White Bird (1877).

The U S military was charged to force them onto the new reservation, and the battle that resulted was a disaster for the army. Outnumbered, the Nez Perce suffered zero casualties while inflicting over 25 on the military. It was not a war from the point of view of the people. They simply needed to buy time to get their entire families across the river so they could begin their march to freedom. Although Chief White Bird made it to safety in Canada with around 200 of his people, many would later return, hoping to settle back in their ancient home. Chief White Bird never returned. 

The book begins with the birth of Daniel Knight on the storm ravaged slopes of White Bird Pass during the winter of 1950 presage and the reawakening of the "Great Animal Spirits" of ancient Nez Perce lore.

Born to a native heritage from a woman of the people, who died in childbirth, and an Anglo-American bloodline from a father, who abandoned him at birth, Daniel comes of age in 1963, unaware of his ties to destiny.

In an event-filled one-year span of time, he must forge lasting bonds of friendship, face unforeseen enemies, and learn the true meaning of "courage, honor, and loyalty to love." Tied to destiny's path, Daniel will grow from self-imposed solitude into maturity as a leader of men and a warrior in the greatest traditions of his ancient heritage.

The novel is dedicated to the great people of Nimiipuu, who exemplify the true meanings of honor, courage, and loyalty to love.

Enriching Education: The Top 5 Apps Parents Are Downloading to Help Their Kids’ With Tough Homework

As our children get older, the homework they bring home and ask for help with becomes more and more incomprehensible. The math they learn looks completely new, we don't quite know what a soliloquy is anymore, and we definitely don't remember anything about chemical compounds.

Being unable to answer their questions, and seeing the confusion in their eyes, makes us feel incredibly helpless. While relearning the material with them is definitely a great exercise for our brains, sometimes we're just not going to get it. This is where we say "Thank you!" to the invention of smart devices and the apps we can access through them! Here are the top 5 apps parents trust to help them help their children:

1. The Khan Academy app is great for students who might have missed, or didn't completely understand, a lesson as well as parents who want to help but don't quite understand the material themselves. Through Khan Academy, students and parents have access to multiple lessons, lectures, and reading material covering a broad amount of subjects. All of the material is available for download for people wishing to continue the studying process offline and away from distractions.

2. Smartfeed allows parents to customize media playlists for their kids based on their child's interests, education, and character traits. Through this app, parents create a visual learning experience that their children can access at home in order to continue engaging their brains as well as encouraging them to seek out more educational material themselves!

3. Powerschool allows parents and students to manage school grades and reports while also keeping parents and teachers under a close line of connectivity. Parents are able to view handouts, attendance records, bulletins, and other school-related information to keep up to date on their child's activities while students have a transparent view of where they might need more assistance from other resources.

4. Brainly is an online learning mentoring platform connecting students, parents, and teachers with peers and subject matter experts, to lend a helping hand on seemingly impossible assignments. Through this app, many students who felt lost in common core subjects were able to advance in their studies and even become a peer mentor themselves! That's good parenting!

5. Parenting Hero, created by adult-to-child communication experts Joanna Faber and Julie King, is an app showing parents how to create better communication practices with their children. Many times, while trying to help children with their homework, parents in their own confusion may experience moments of frustration, which they accidentally take out on their child. This app helps to keep tension low and resolve unneeded conflicts before they arise, allowing parents to help their child as best as they can.

Research shows that students are more effective in school when their parents take an active role in helping them learn at home. That’s a heavy burden to lay on moms and dads, but thankfully all these apps are effectively relieving some of the stress and frustration that goes along with helping kids complete tough homework assignments.

Mealtime Magic: Super Bowl Eats from Chef Duran

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Parenting Pointers: Preparing Kids for a Move

One of the most stressful times for kids and parents is relocating. Whether it's a career move or for the family, kids often have a hard time with the idea of leaving their friends and the environment they know behind. Moving anxiety in kids tends to get worse the older they get but it can affect kids of all ages. It's absolutely crucial that you take the proper measures during the relocation, from announcing the move to settling in the new home. See the moving tips below (courtesy of  ForSaleByOwner) to help your kids through the transition and ease their moving anxiety

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day With 6 Things Kids Can Do to Promote Kindnes


Entrepreneur and dad, Bert Pope, developed Awesome, The Social Network for Kindness, a free mobile application and tool for users to create Kindness Challenges for us all to enjoy and in the app there are animated Kindness Koins to celebrate others for being and doing Awesome Kindness. It’s a game as you share you recieve points and level up with the ring around your profile getting brighter and changing colors as you level up. Encouraging users to share with family and friends their acts of kindness by uploading photos, videos or sharing a message/picture. He has developed a list of six easy and creative kindness acts for kids

Help out a friend or neighbor anonymously 
Make someone smile with no strings attached —shovel the snow from your neighbor’s sidewalk, or leave a basket of cookies just because, no thanks needed.

Be a baby/dog/cat-sitter– for free.
Many parents (of humans and fur babies) forego taking time out for themselves because sitters’ rates are often expensive. They will certainly appreciate your offer to look after their precious little ones without charge.

Bring out the chalk!
Everybody loves to be appreciated and cheered. On a nice day, surprise someone with a special message using sidewalk art! You may never realize how much it lifts someone’s mood.

Make a Kindness Jar!
Keep track of all acts of kindness with a Kindness Jar. Every time someone in your family does a random act of kindness, write it on a piece of paper with their name and put it in the jar. When it’s full, sort through it to see who was the kindest. Then, that person can pick an act of kindness that everyone else should do!

Celebrate a friend for being Awesome
For older kids, text/ message friends and let them know they are special with a fun silly gif video or go to and celebrate a person for being and doing something Awesome.

Create a Kindness Challenge from the AWESOME app
Using the Kindness template, upload a photo or video clip, adding a title for your Kindness Challenge then put a short description. It will be available to all the thousands of users on AWESOME. You are also able to share it on any of your other social channels. When your friends and others join in the kindness challenge inside of AWESOME app, they get points and can level up and up the more kindness challenges they do.

About: Bert Pope is a father of four and the CEO of Awesome Company Worldwide, where he has launched the #BEAWESOME movement to make the world a better place.  Awesome is the social network for kindness is also providing fun tools to help create kindness challenges, to share out to other platforms as BE.AWESOME.ONE where members are encouraged and rewarded for doing and sharing acts of kindness in their daily lives. Bert is a passionate and visionary leader and his enthusiasm for creating a movement that has a positive impact on humanity is contagious.  He is a sincere and genuine person, a successful entrepreneur and a dynamic and relatable public speaker.