Friday, July 10, 2020

Little Lady Nail Polish Review

Little Lady premium nail polish is available in a spectrum of bright colors and tantalizing scents. Developed by cosmetic manufacturing expert and mom-preneur Arda Tashdjian, Little Lady is a great solution for parents and moms-to-be seeking a safer way to pamper. Crafted to encourage creativity and play, each polish is kid-approved - designed with help from Tashdjian’s own 6-year old son and 4-year old daughter - and topped with a child-sized wearable pink or blue bow ring. 

I had a chance to see a sample, and it has a lot of detail that sets it out from other brands. The packaging is well put together, the colors are vibrant, and overall it just looks a little more upscale than other options. Plus, it's cruelty free and free of seven major toxins. It's also vegan, and it smells better than most nail polishes do!

You can shop online for these fun polishes that would make a great gift.

Camera Roll: The Game of Your Pictures (Review)

I recently had a chance to review Camera Roll. My youngest daughter now has an inactive cell phone for some apps and games, so it was the perfect time to review a game like this now that we all have our own device.

It was fun for my husband and myself - and our extended family - to scroll back through all the pictures and share with other people. We did modify the rules a little bit - sometimes my daughters needed to find a photo online, just because they don't have as many of their own photos yet. We also were able to modify this game with a little bit.of creativity to work with our virtual game nights with my family.

It's a fun way to incorporate phones into family game night with a purpose, and a fun way to share photos you might not otherwise share. It would make a good gift for anyone who takes tons of pics on their phone!

Forget School (Book Review)

As a teacher, I've always tried my best to make my classroom relevant for all my students. While I feel that there are many good teachers out there, ever since I was a kid, I haven't felt like school as a system really fit. The more I've learned about school and the more experience I have with it, the more I realize that it really doesn't suit every kid, and that many of the patterns and institutions that shape education are slow to change.

So I was really excited at the chance to review Forget School: Why young people are succeeding on their own terms and what schools can do to avoid being left behind. Much of this book confirmed what I already felt for myself and for my daughters - that the current school system just isn't working for them, and for kids like them. The author interviewed young adults to figure out what they felt about their education - what was good, what was missing, what they would have liked more of. It makes a strong case for the need for more networking and relevant, updated skills, and less for the type of memorization and rote learning that shows up so much in schools.

It's a good book for anyone invested in education - school leaders, teachers, parents, board members - to provide a different perspective and help raise critical questions about what exactly schools should be doing to prepare the next generation of students.

Habits of a Godly Woman (Review)

I recently had the chance to review Habits of a Godly Woman by Joyce Meyer. Her books are typically easy to get through, and this one was no different. It's a very manageable size, divided up into easily digestible chunks, each of which looks at a different habit.

Some of the topics include overcoming fear, keeping a positive attitude, and using words wisely - all good habits. These and many more have a Scriptural basis, and Joyce explains how to develop or improve these habits in our lives. If you're looking for a quick book to help you fine tune some of your positive habits, or start a way towards making more positive changes, this can be a great start.

Tropical or Mod? Tips for Stand-out Pool Style

By Pool Troopers


What’s the best way to choose the style of your pool? Many people already know what style they’re interested in based on their own likes and dislikes. Sometimes circumstances dictate what will work best for your yard and for your family, but the pool style you choose often comes down to your taste and personality.


Pool designs are based on form, function, color and texture. Here are a few tips to make sure your pool has personality.


Are you drawn to contemporary pool design?


Modern pools usually have geometric shapes and clean lines. They usually come in neutral colors; however, if you want to make them extra special, you can add vivid colors or an eye-catching mosaic tile. You can also combine these geometric designs with luxury surfaces and stones, along with interesting lighting for dramatic effect. Infinity edges are some of the most eye-catching options for this pool style.


Luxury day spas often feature modern pools to emphasize their minimalist, Zen feeling. In modern pool design, coping is either nonexistent or is very refined, and poured concrete is popular. This uniform, clean style adds clean-lined elegance to any space and is the perfect way to accentuate a simpler design.


Geometric pools are popular with people who love a modern aesthetic and a minimalist, urban design with clean lines. They’re also popular when space is limited. Rectangular pools are the go-to shape for those who like a well-groomed garden and well-defined spaces.


Or do you crave a lush, tropical pool getaway?


Having a pool can be even more satisfying when it makes you feel like you’ve bene transported to your favorite beach. A tropically styled pool is your very own serene haven, where you can relax and enjoy beautiful scenery.


Other than palm trees, of course, a tropical pool is usually accentuated with dramatic lighting, soft flowing fabrics, fire pit, shade coverings and other beachy elements. You can also add waterfalls, boulders and rich, tropical landscaping plants. Usually, tropical pools are designed with flowing or rounded lines that give the feeling of a natural pool deep in the jungle.


To create a tropical experience in your backyard, choose a freeform pool shape. Consider a sloping entry that reminds you of walking down the sand into water at the beach—rather than climbing down a ladder. The shell of a tropical pool should be lined with pale colors to emphasize the clear water, take your breath away and make you feel like you are on vacation—in your own backyard!


Whatever pool style you choose, make sure to carry your theme through the pool, landscape, deck, furniture and fence to complete the theme. It all begins with a great idea and a pool designer! Start your new pool design now!


If you have some concerns about the condition of your pool or want to begin service, give Pool Troopers a call to schedule an appointment. When it comes to pool maintenance and repair, we’ve got your back.

Shopping Savings: National French Fry Day Deals July 13th

National French Fry Day is coming in hot—Monday, July 13, to be exact! And given the fact that potatoes are the most consumed vegetable in the U.S., we're assuming that quite a few of you are looking to celebrate. Below are the French Fry Day deals you can chow down on so far from RetailMeNot.

Take a look at the list below and get ready for some tasty fries! RetailMeNot will be updating this article with new deals as they’re announced.

  • Burger21On July 13 only, Burger 21 will offer limited-edition “kicked-up” Buffalo Ranch Fries in honor of National French Fry Day. Yummmm.
  • BurgerFiOn Saturday, July 13, BurgerFi locations nationwide are offering guests $1 regular fries in-restaurant from open to close. Mention this offer at the counter in order to redeem. Note: This deal isn’t valid with online, phone, in-app or delivery orders.
  • Farmer BoysOn Monday, July 13, participating Farmer Boys restaurants will be celebrating with $1 orders of “Always Crispy” fries with any purchase after 12 p.m. Just show or mention the offer to the cashier. Bonus: VIF (Very Important Farmer) members who scan their receipt on National French Fry Day can get another order of $1 fries loaded to their accounts.
  • Islands Fine Burgers & DrinksGet $5 off your purchase of $25 or more when you present this coupon (good through July 31).
  • McDonald’s: Get a free medium order of fries with any $1 purchase with the McDonald’s app. Also, Food & Wine reports that starting at 11 a.m. on July 13, you’ll get a free order of medium fries with your meal when you order on Uber Eats. (Make sure to add the fries to your order, and use the promo code, which you’ll find in the app.)
  • Red RobinGet bottomless steak fries when you order burgers starting at $6.99 each. This includes bottomless steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries, coleslaw, garlic herbed fries or side salad, too!
  • SAJJ MediterraneanOn July 13 only, SAJJ Mediterranean will be offering a free side of fries with the purchase of an entrée. You must mention the offer to the cashier in order to redeem.
  • Shari’sOn July 13, National French Fry Day, enjoy your favorite slice of Shari’s pie served on top of a basket of fries for only $1 (valued at $8.99). This offer is valid for dine-in only from 6 p.m. to midnight, and no other purchase is required!
  • SheetzThe convenience store will celebrate National French Fry Day on Saturday by providing free french fries to all customers who order through the Sheetz app.
  • Sonny’s BBQSonny’s is offering all-you-can-eat crinkle cut fries all day on July 13. To get the deal, order a side of fries or choose fries as your side when you order a meal. This offer is available at all 100 Sonny’s locations.

Happy Home: Staging Your Closets Before Showing Your Home



Ask any realtor and they’ll tell you that staging your home, for a quick and profitable result, is an essential step in the sales process. To most people, staging means cleaning the house top to bottom, putting everything in order, and decluttering.

For some sellers, decluttering often translates into: “Take all the stuff you don’t know what to do with and shove it in the closets”, but that can actually do your home sale a lot of harm.

After bathrooms and kitchens, one of the big things buyers look for is storage space: that there is enough of it relative to the size of the house and that it is functional and organized.

Why? Messy, disorganized or over full closets can give the prospective buyer several impressions:

  • That the house hasn’t been properly cared for: if the closets are a mess, what else is wrong?
  • That there isn’t enough closet space in the house relative to the number of people who live there.
  • That what space there is isn’t functional and won’t be useful on day 1, to start getting organized. 

In other words: the closets can make the house look like it’s not in move-in condition and for many buyers, that’s a major drawback.

Here are a few ways you can improve ALL closets in your home for showings, followed by some specifics for closets in particular parts of the house:

General Staging Tips for Closets

As with all staging efforts, you need to declutter and clean. The same is true for closets, whether it’s the entry hall closet, the kitchen pantry or the bathroom cabinet.

  1. One closet or cabinet at a time: empty each out, and remove at least 50% of the content. Whether you get rid of some of the contents entirely, or pack it to be stored offsite for showings, you need to have closets that are airy and spacious looking. This is a good time to make sure that anything in the closet that looks old, ratty, dusty or dirty is discarded.
  2. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Before returning the remaining items, clean the closet thoroughly, including vacuuming in the corners (yes, some buyers WILL look that closely).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  3. If the inside of the closet is dingy or tired no matter how much you scrub—and this can be particularly true for food related spaces, like pantries—paint the inside a couple of coats of a simple white. It will make the inside look brighter, cleaner and as if it has doubled in size!

Bedroom Closets

Whether yours is a double door walk in or a simple space carved under the eaves, the bedroom closet is really important to the average buyer. Their first thoughts will always be: “Can I fit all my stuff into this space?” If yours is filled to the brim, with the floors covered too, it’s going to be hard for the buyer to visualize how they might use the space.

A few ways to tighten up the look of your bedroom closet include:

  • Make sure you only have the clothes in it for the current season. From the get go, it will make the space more relatable. 
  • Organize it in some functional way such as using baskets for small accessories, or perhaps even storing items by color or style.
  • Do away with the hodge-podge of hangers you’ve acquired over the years and get enough of the SAME style and color for everything and replace them all. 
  • Just like a high end boutique, make sure all of the hangers are facing the same way.
  • Add lighting to make the space more functional and appear larger; a well placed mirror can also work to this effect, if you have room.
  • Make sure the floors are absolutely clean and have nothing left on them. Add shoe racks or shelves if necessary!

Linen Closets

The key with the linen closet is to make it appear large and airy, like something you’d find at a boutique spa:

  • Pull out what you won’t need until you move and pack it away. White baskets with your extra soaps, shampoos and other products keep them organized and show the functionality of the space.
  • If possible, put away towels and sheets that have seen better days, but you’re keeping for the dog’s bath days, and coordinate by colors. 
  • If you struggle with fitted sheets, the neatest way to store them is to put the fitted and flat sheets, as well as extra pillowcases, inside one of the pillowcases, keeping the same design and style all together in a tidy package.
  • As sheets can get musty, a little lavender sachet is just the ticket to keep the closet smelling fresh.

Kitchen Pantry and Cabinets

Many a pantry has some ages old cans and boxes languishing in its depths: now is the time to get rid of these!

  • Group like with like: soups with soups, veggies with veggies, and so on.
  • Create a spice rack if you don’t already have one.
  • Use over the back of the door storage or hooks for items like extra plastic bags or reusable shopping bags.
  • Get rid of anything and everything that is out of date or looking ancient.
  • Make sure the pantry and all the cabinets are spotlessly clean and again, a coat of paint might be in order to bring it back to life fully.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space and items aren’t piled up on top of the other: you want the buyer to see the back wall of the pantry, giving that impression of space.

Laundry Room / Mudroom

If you want to show off your storage, these rooms are where you can get creative beyond the closets by adding hooks, shelving and baskets, to sort the all and sundry that your family comes home with.

Laundry rooms need to reflect everything about being tidy and clean, so minimize the bottles of products and show off the shelves for placing soaps instead. 

  • Countertops should be totally devoid of clutter, so someone could picture themselves sorting and folding laundry in the space.
  • Make sure the machines themselves are clean too, as a whiff of mustiness can ruin a sale.
  • Using hooks inside a utility closet is perfect for hanging brooms, sweepers and the extras for your vacuum. It needs to look like the central locale for all things clean and functional.

Mudrooms or even front entry closets can become a dumping ground for coats, hats, bags and boots, but a little organization can make those spaces more functional so that hats, mittens, coats and bookbags all have a place.

  • Shoe racks make all the difference in terms of keeping the space tidy. Instead of a jumble on the floor, you’ve got tidy rows.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting in the space so that it is usable.
  • As this space tends to be used a little more roughly than other parts of the house, see if the walls need a coat or two of paint to bring them back to a shiny newness.
  • Create a vision for the space that buyers can embrace: a sun hat, garden gloves and fun rain boots hanging in the space can give prospective buyers a feeling of hominess without clutter.


Considered by some homeowners to be one big catchall space for all the things that don’t have a home inside the house, the garage can quickly become a storage mess!

  • Clean the floors - spray or pressure wash them.
  • Include ways to hang garden tools on the walls, add wire shelving for boxes and other items.
  • Consider mounting bicycles or other things on the walls too!
  • Fix up any broken lighting or other accessories that are in disrepair.
  • Tune up the door(s): the last thing you want is squeaky, loud doors, when the image you want to convey is calm and clean.

The point with the garage is to make it feel tidy and functional, whether the new owners plan to use it to park their car or just store all the extras: they have to be able to visualize their usage of the space, so you need to make it as clean and friendly as possible.

When all is said and done, storage is very important to anyone who wants to keep a clean and tidy home, so if you show yours to be in great condition and fully functional, the impression prospective buyers will have of your home will go up too!

Marty Basher is the improvement and organization expert with Modular Closets, Marty regularly contributes on topics of DIY renovations, home design, organization, improvement and more, helping home owners get the most out of the spaces in their home. Modular Closets are high-quality and easy-to-design closet systems made in the USA you can order, assemble and install yourself, in no time at all. Using closet modules (closet pieces you can mix & match to design your own modular closet), homeowners everywhere are empowered to achieve a true custom closet look- for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets. 

Designers Share 10 Ideas for Back to School Room Décor

This article, written by a designer with Seven Seas Illustration, includes insight from interior designers across the U.S. that specialize in making kids’ rooms beautiful.

From fun themes to unique elements, they all show that there are endless possibilities for coming up with the perfect space for your kids.

Under The Sea
Deep and mysterious just like your child's imagination, the ocean can be a wonderful theme for a room. For children, an aquarium bedroom brings the magical underwater world to life with playful energy for seaside dreaming. As an added bonus, a seaside theme can offer many possibilities for decorating girls, boys and unisex bedrooms.

This tranquil paradise setting is sure to entice a sea of dreams. Newly available to market is a series of vibrant art prints of sea creatures, including fish, octopuses, crustaceans, and more. These beautiful and whimsical illustrations of creatures from the seven seas for children and adults with a conservation twist. Learning about the many species, such as where they live and what they eat, is a great way to understand their place in the chain of life and how we can help them thrive.

Photo credit: Seven Seas Illustrations

Bright and Playful Boy’s Room
Soft grey walls and shades are perfect backdrop for playful furnishings and bright colors for a young boy’s bedroom. Creative design solution for a very small corner for desk and shelves: cantilevered wall mounted desk and overlapping cloud shaped shelves that wrap around the corner in Crayon colors extend shelf space. Minimal but classic furnishings make the space work.

Photo credit: Mary Anne Smiley Interiors LLC

Black and White
Perfect space for kids who share a room! Fun linear black and white elements offset colorful punches in art, custom turquoise nightstand and benches, and resin cantilevered desk and play table supported by only one base. Deceptively simple curvilinear steel base for window seat supports cozy lamb upholstery and pillows.

Photo credit: Mary Anne Smiley Interiors LLC

Pop Art
Pop art can be a great source of inspiration to let your child of any age express themselves. It’s both fun but powerful way to define their space as their own. From wall decals where the kids can be an active artist in their room (with low risk:) or a piece of furniture or rug. It’s a strong statement that can really reflect your child’s personality.

Submission: JMorris Design LLC
Photo Credit: Eric Laignel

Preppy Look
Two goals- boy’s bedroom design to have a preppy, classic look that would: 1. Stand the test of time. 2. Work for two boys of different ages. I always suggest not to go too overboard with a particular theme, it can either get a bit cheesy or you’ll have to start from scratch when your kiddo outgrows that look. Instead I go with a more “loose” theme. In this boy bedroom we did a loose “preppy” theme with a classic red, white, and blue color scheme. Mom can easily add in some personal touches based on their changing interests, but this is a scheme that will work well for years.


Kristin Thomas of PostBoxDesigns
Photo credit: Hello Aly May

Sweet as Sugar
While I wanted her bedroom design to be sweet and youthful (she is seven and my baby….I want to keep her young forever!), I did want to add a couple more “grown up” elements to it. Her pink sofa and scalloped light fixture were elements I would easily use for a teenage girl’s bedroom. But I also wanted to go a little more sophisticated with her area rug. I loved this subtly patterned pink and gold rug. Plus it gives her a soft and comfy place to play on her floor.

Kristin Thomas of PostBoxDesigns
Photo credit: Hello Aly May

Sky’s The Limit Big Boy Room:
This designer’s son developed quite an early interest in cars, it's beyond toy cars. He loves flipping through car mags with dad and can name almost any model that drives by them on the road or he's sees parked on the street. In moving his nursery to a “big boy’s room, it was important to bring in "some" of his love of four wheel vehicles into his personal space.

Photo credit: YouthfulNest

Galaxy Girl Nursery
After landing on the wallpaper most of the other furnishing and décor items fell into place. But doing the math became an essential part of selecting every piece for this tiny space. The actual floor space was only 5'x10' or 50 square feet total, the size of a walk-in closet or kitchen pantry.
The stars were aligned and the designer found so many amazing pieces that worked for the client’s small space.

Photo credit: YouthfulNest

A Room for 3
Three brothers sharing a room and loving their new space....Even though they had 3 bedrooms these brothers all wanted to bunk together.... One full bed and two twin XL‘s and a little storage and study ....they were thrilled

Photo Credit: Mega Kids Inc. Naples, FL

A Magic Castle
All girls dream about having the castle.... This little girl had big dreams at a very young age... she knew exactly what she wanted and she got it. We were more inspired by the direction she gave us at the age of 5....This project taught me that this young lady was a leader not a follower. Thank you to Little Sophia for inspiring me and teaching me that these are what little girls dreams are made of.

Photo Credit: Mega Kids Inc. Naples, FL

For more information, visit Seven Seas Illustration and follow them on Instagram.


Founder and Illustrator, Alisha Ober, has had a love of octopuses for years, and incorporated them a lot into her art in the last decade. This in turn fueled her love for aquariums and her fascination with the creatures of the sea has expanded to include practically everything that swims or floats.

Her goal is to create beautiful and whimsical illustrations of creatures from the seven seas for children and adults with a conservation twist. Learning about the many species, such as where they live and what they eat, is a great way to understand their place in the chain of life and how we can help them thrive.

Time Tidbits: 9 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Maid Services

Have you ever hired maid services? It might seem controversial if you have never hired such a professional service. But, you can’t ignore the advantages of maid services in your household premises. Hiring a maid imparts a healthy lifestyle and also gives you ample free time to spend with your family and friends.

Additionally, whenever you want to organize any party or get-together you can grab helping hands through reliable and trusted maid services near you. Indeed, such services are a lifesaver in one word. Avail top-notch maid service from Dubai-Cleaners and get a luxurious living experience. Let’s check why you need maid services in your home, meanwhile.

  1. When you Work the Entire Day

Do you have the enthusiasm to clean your home and organize every nook and corner of your home after a 9-to-5 scheduled job? We presume that your answer is a big NO. You already deplete your energy and mood at your workstation. We think that other super-exhausting services such as cleaning won’t suit your tired body and mind.

Well, help yourself just by availing maid services for required home services such as regular cleaning, kitchen cleaning, laundry and similar services. While the maids are busy with their own services, you can relax with some in-hand exercises and Yoga sessions. Thus, you don’t overlook your health as well as the surrounding health.

  1. When Cleaning is not your Passion

We presume that nobody likes to dive into cleaning services. Cleaning services involve much time and effort. Consequently, if you don’t know the tips and tricks regarding cleaning services and laundry then it’s a wise decision that you should hire maid services. Otherwise, you might end up with a bigger mess. Resolve every cleaning service with a dependable maid service in Dubai.

You need not hire a full-time maid; rather you can hire part-time assistance. Thus, you can keep your budget and ambience both organized and maintained. For instance, you can opt for a deep cleaning session once a month to keep your home immaculate.

  1. You have to Look after your Family

In case, you have to take care of elderly and young members of your family then you merely get any time to work towards home cleaning. But, it's not possible to overlook their requirements. Additionally, there is an extra headache of cleaning that would ruin your day. On the other hand, a messy environment is never appreciated for hygienic reasons. 

Deal with all these inconveniences with a single maid service at your home. When the maids accomplish the cleaning job, you can look after your family members, especially who need extra care and attention, all the time. 

  1. You have to Attend Events 

Is it your cleaning day? But, do you have to attend a family outing or any business meeting? Leave the cleaning and laundry services to a professional maid so that you can attend the occasion. Is there no one to look after your kids? Responsible maid services can be your safe bet. Don’t mix up your personal and professional life. Avail trained and licensed maid services for reputed agencies such as Dubai-Cleaners.

  1. Professional Outcome

Are you planning for a house party? Then, you might need expert help before and after the party. Impress your guests and relatives with pre-eminently cleaned surroundings. Additionally, the maids are going to keep everything well- managed and at their respective places. In addition to this, you need not handle the after-party mess and trash removal. Thus, maid services are the value-for-money service for every house-party organizer.

  1. You Need not Gather Cleaning Supplies

You might be thinking that hiring maid services can be a strain on your pockets. But, you can save up to a considerable amount if you hire highly-skilled and professional maid services. Because you need not arrange any cleaning supplies and tools to deal with the overall cleaning.

Generally, the maids would appear with all the required essentials. Moreover, it is beneficial if you don’t know which cleaning products are the best and eco-friendly for diverse cleaning services. Hence, you don’t end up with purchasing expensive and useless cleaning products.

  1. Avail Regular Cleaning

Are you finding it hard to clean your home and maintain its hygiene? Well, it’s quite obvious that you can't handle full plate things around every nook and corner of your house. Here, only a professional maid can help you. The maids have got certificates in cleaning, laundry, and babysitting services. Hence, they are trustworthy as well as qualified. Moreover, you can keep your house well-organized and maintained through promising maid services near your location.

  1. Experience and Expertise- Both at the Same Place

Professional maids are veteran and highly-skilled in the industry. The maids know how to deal with each and every requisites. They have got the right planning and strategy to provide you with an ever-fresh and clean environment. Just mention your priorities and they will do in the right way.

  1. Easy to Hire

You need not do extensive research to find the right maid services and service provider according to your requirements. There are numerous maid services providers within your locality. But, you have to be quite choosy before you select the maid services. For instance, you can’t readily book a maid service just after scrolling their services on the website. 

Rather, take your time and go through the credentials, policy, services offered by the service vendor in detail. Additionally, check out the customer ratings and reviews before you proceed with the maid services booking. Dubai-Cleaners offer reliable, trusted and verified maid services all over Dubai; you can put your trust in them.


It is written nowhere that you have to deal with all the household work. Don’t provide continuous strain to your muscles. Take a break for yourself by hiring maid services near you. Let the professional maid clean everything for you; while you can pamper yourself with a beauty session or a spa. You deserve such quality time. So, go ahead and book your preferred maid services from vetted professionals who have enough in-hand experience in this field.

Music Minute: Wreaths Across America Live Virtual Concert 7/29

National nonprofit Wreaths Across America (WAA) is proud to announce that, this year, it is producing a free, virtual “Giving in July” concert on Facebook to replace its annual “Stem to Stone Rally in the Valley” weekend event in Maine. This family-friendly, virtual concert event will air live, nationwide on the WAA Official Facebook Page on Sunday, July 19, 2020, at 7PM ET, featuring patriotic musical guests who are supportive and appreciative of our country’s veterans and their families, and the organization’s mission to REMEMBER, HONOR and TEACH. The event will include a special message from Operation Red Wing lone survivor, United States Navy SEAL (RET) Marcus Luttrell and his wife Melanie from their home in Texas. Also, during this virtual concert there will be appearances from local volunteers across the country who are giving back in their own communities through their participation in the WAA program.

Performers will include, but are not limited to:
Craig Morgan
Chris Roberts
Lindsay Lawler
Mark Wills
The Bellamy Brothers
The Don Campbell Band
Darryl Worley
Six-String Soldiers

The event will also feature WAA Sponsorship Groups – like-minded civic and youth groups, veteran service organizations, and other nonprofits – around the country who partner with WAA to raise funds and awareness in their own communities about the mission to Remember, Honor and Teach. Throughout the live event, viewers will have the opportunity to support these local groups and participating cemeteries in their hometowns. The Sponsorship Groups are part of a program where $5 of each $15 wreath sponsorship received goes back to them to be used locally for programs in their own community. Through this national program, WAA has given back more than $12M in local contributions over the last 11 years.

“WAA recognizes Giving in July as opposed to the well-known Christmas in July because our program works with local sponsorship groups in communities across the country who are giving back, year-round,” said Karen Worcester, Executive Director, WAA. “The local programs that benefit from this fundraising are oftentimes the bridge to keeping community-based veteran initiatives going in small towns. Through your support of WAA now, both nationally and on the local level, you are not only placing a wreath for a hero in December, but helping give back to these community efforts who need support.”

In accordance with the CDC’s recommendation against large gatherings stemming from concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be a live VIRTUAL concert that will be held on-line using Vimeo Livestream, with the help of Black Fly Media and The Nashville Music Loft on the WAA Official Facebook page on Sunday, July 19, 2020, starting at 7PM ET. All donations received from this event will be used to sponsor fresh, balsam veterans’ wreaths to be placed by volunteers on National Wreaths Across America Day, Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020, at more than 2,100 particiapting locations nationwide.

“Now, more than ever, we are excited to host this important virtual event to highlight all the good that unites us in communities across the country,” concluded Worcester.

# # #

Wreaths Across America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to continue and expand the annual wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery begun by Maine businessman Morrill Worcester in 1992. The organization’s mission – Remember, Honor, Teach – is carried out in part each year by coordinating wreath-laying ceremonies in December at Arlington, as well as at thousands of veterans’ cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond.
For more information or to sponsor a wreath, please visit