PR/Ads/Guest Posts

There are currently about 1800 Twitter followers, 425 Facebook followers, 300 subscribers, and 10000 monthly unique visits. My current rates for advertising and reviews are flexible, depending on the product/service. Please use these as a starting point if you would like me to highlight a website, product, or service.

Guest posts - I will gladly publish any posts submitted to me, as long as they are not of a purely advertising nature. A link to a website in a bio line or in the post is just fine; the post may be on any topic relevant to my readers (saving money, health, parenting tips, saving time, eco-friendly living, etc).

Blog post - $10 - This includes keywords/links of your choice. Non-profit websites and sweepstakes are free.

Sidebar ads - 125x125 above-the-fold is $5/month; if you are requesting a different size, please use that as a guideline. Text ads are $2.50/month with a two-month minimum.

Product review - To be fair to my readers, I need to be able to try the product before reviewing or promoting it. I will do unpaid product reviews as long as I am able to receive the product at no personal cost.

Giveaway sponsorship - The sponsorship itself is free, but to truly endorse a product in a giveaway, I would like to be able to try it out first.

If you have other needs, please let me know!

About the author:
Bekah is a teacher, tutor, musician, and homeschooling mom. She enjoys travel, staying active, books, and games of all types.