Saturday, November 26, 2016

Amazing Apps: Playability

Playability Toys' vision is to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to laugh, learn, play, and grow though an enriching experience with exceptional toys and apps:

Nurture Smart MobileDeveloped with input from over one hundred Certified Child Life Specialists in the United States and Canada, the award-winning Nurture Smart Mobile is the most innovative patent-pending crib mobile designed to maximize cognitive development and provide optimum cleaning capabilities. More here:

Pigsy - Designed to step a child through basic "change counting" exercises, the Pigsy app teaches basic financial literacy, and includes unique personalization features to make learning engaging and fun. Available at, Pigsy is not only targeted to the autistic/special needs community, but is unique in its personalization for the child. It features a section for the parent or teacher to input personalized information, such as name of their school, pets, street they live on, child's name, and favorite color.

Visit their website at and to see all their toys, including in-depth toy descriptions and videos.

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