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Book Nook: Dreaming on the Page - Tap into your midnight mind to supercharge your writing


My daughter is very interested in dreams, and she also loves to write creatively, so this was an intriguing book to get a chance to review.

When I was in college, I always felt like I could be more creative when I was closer to sleep, and have had many dreams with fantastic ideas. There have been artists who have capitalized on this idea of writing or painting whatever the sleeping mind inspires. Tzivia Gover has written Dreaming on the Page: Tap into your midnight mind to supercharge your writing, available now for pre-order. This book provides a way to access the creative dreaming mind, even if we don't remember our dreams.

Tzivia outlines five reasons why writers should record their dreams:
  1. Know thyself. Journaling dreams helps you better understand yourself from the inside out. Which in turn helps you understand your characters better, brings deeper empathy to your work, and makes you an all-around more interesting writer.
  2. Write regularly—and better. Building the habit of writing dreams each morning is a great way to build writing into your everyday routine.
  3. Never scratch for ideas again. As you record dreams in your journal, you are creating an encyclopedia of plots, landscapes, characters, themes, and ideas you can return to any time. You will never again have to begin a story, essay, or poem from scratch.
  4. Build a better relationship. As you interact with the raw and complex narrative structure of the storytelling subconscious mind on a regular basis, you build a relationship with your inner narrator. Over time you develop confidence in your ability to dream into a story at any time of day.
  5. Tone your metaphoric muscles. The metaphor-making part of our mind is highly activated when we’re dreaming. Writing dreams is a great way to build our literary muscles, including those that help us create metaphors and similes.
The book was well-written and well-organized, with the first part giving a broad overview on dreams and how to write them down, as well as creating rituals for sleep, dreaming, and journaling. The second part has exercises to jump-start creative writing based on psychology, science, and spirituality of dreaming. The final part looks at getting published and making connections with others. 

 You can learn more in this interview.

Why can our dreams be more powerful than we realize?

You could say that dreaming is a form of thinking that takes place when the brain is operating with a different neurochemical makeup. This is powerful because when we are asleep and dreaming the brain is primed for random associations and other creative forms of thinking that aid us in problem-solving. Our inner censor, which is located in the prefrontal cortex is deactivated while we’re dreaming, so in dreams, we can think far outside of the box of our habitual thoughts. As a result, dreams help us imagine and consider new possibilities for our lives in large and small ways.


Of course, there are many other reasons that our dreams supercharge our thinking and our lives as well. For example, it is not uncommon for people to have dreams that literally come true, that let them visit with deceased loved ones, and/or that give them insight into relationships, health matters, and more. The neurochemistry that I described above is one factor, but there is so much we don’t know when it comes to the power of dreams. But we can say that they have the potential to inspire—and to change—our lives.



What is the link between our dreams and creativity?

In my book Dreaming on the Page: Tap into Your Midnight Mind to Supercharge Your Writing I home in on the ways dreams serve the creative writing process. Specifically, our midnight minds are primed for making metaphors and drawing analogies, because those areas of the brain are active during REM sleep, which is the recurring phase of the sleep cycle where most memorable dreams take place. In addition, dreams are also filled with wordplay, humor, vivid imagery and colors, compelling characters, and blanket-wringing plot twists. All of this means that they are great sources of material for vivid writing, whether for writing memoir, stories, songs, or poems.


Although I focus on the connections between dreams and writing, dreams also serve as muses for anybody who needs a little extra inspiration whether they’re a visual artist, musician, inventor—or anyone who is facing a challenge that a new perspective could help out with.


How can people feel more free to be creative, whether that's in writing or other areas of life?

Dreams boost creativity on the page and off. Here are some suggestions for using your dreams to add a splash of inspiration to your daily life:

-       Claim your dreams: Start by reminding yourself that whether you remember them or not, your dreams are spinning out cinematic narratives with no effort on your part—several times each night! This should infuse you with confidence that you are a naturally creative person—and just knowing that can give you the permission you need to create.

-       Bring your dream into your day: One fun way to honor your natural creativity is to wear a certain color or a specific piece of jewelry that reminds you of something from last night’s dream. I often add a type of food that showed up in a dream to my grocery list—which encourages me to try something new. Also, simply telling someone about a dream you had can encourage new and creative connections with a friend—because dreams often lead us into uncharted terrain.

-       Try to remember: Put a notebook by your bed and write down your intention to remember your dreams before you go to sleep. Then write down any dreams or dream snippets you remember in the morning. Even a single dream image or emotion can be a catalyst for writing a poem, story, or memory in response—or try sketching your dream, or creating a song or dance inspired by it.

-       Discover the art of the notebook: Journaling is a great way to bring more creativity into each day. You don’t need to write a lot, and you don’t need to only write about your struggles. Get a notebook and keep some colored pencils or markers, scissors, and a glue stick close by. Write something inspired by a dream or something you experienced that day. Add some color: paste in a picture from a magazine or catalog that represents how you feel. Whatever you do, make journaling fun and inspiring—and treat the time you spend with your notebook (whether it’s just 5 minutes or longer) as a little oasis in your day where you connect with your inner dreamer!


Tzivia Gover is an author, educator, and motivational speaker specializing in empowering people through everyday mindfulness, dreamwork, and writing. Using a unique blend of dreamwork and mindfulness-based practices, Tzivia awakens people to the extraordinary joy, beauty, and wisdom hidden within the ordinary moments of daily life. She has led events at the Esalen Institute, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, the New York Open Center, and a variety of conferences, colleges and universities, among many others.
Tzivia is the author of several books including Joy in Every Moment and The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep. and the children’s book (with LeslĂ©a Newman) How to Sleep Tight Through the Night: Bedtime Tricks (that Really Work) for Kids. She offers one-one-sessions, workshops, and classes in dreamwork and Dreaming on the Page writing. She is a certified dreamwork professional, a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and has served as the education director for the Institute for Dream Studies. She has her MFA in writing from Columbia University, and is a certified Proprioceptive Writing instructor and Reiki Master.  She lives in Western Massachusetts.  For more information visit her website

Consumer Critique: H&H Bagels

 I recently had a chance to taste some great breakfast treats from H&H Bagels. These bagels, available for nationwide shipping or local (NYC), have been made using the same recipe for 50 years.

They were definitely tasty. My daughter loved bagels, and we went through these quickly - she ate them for breakfast and lunch (making sandwiches) until they were gone! I wish I were local so I could try a few of all the varieties, but they do also ship variety boxes, so you can taste them for yourself! They've got a great texture too - chewy, but still easy to eat, and definitely a more hearty breakfast than toast. 

Amazing Art: Yipes! Wipes Messy Crafts Box

 “Messy” and “messes” can be scary words for parents, but did you know making messes can actually benefit your child in extraordinary ways? We love all things messy. Why? Because messes are a part of learning, growing, and having fun. Instead of steering away from your child’s natural instinct, embrace it with our Limited Edition Yipes! Messy Crafts Box: the perfect gift for a kid in your life, as they will enjoy both the fun and the countless benefits of messy play—and be able to clean up after, too!

Treat the kid in your life to this limited edition box of 12 fun, messy activities, and 24 Yipes! wipes for easy cleanup!

The Yipes! Messy Crafts Box ($65.00) includes:
  • Yipes! face & hand wipes (1 pouch of 12 sachets)
  • Yipes! face & hand wipes (1 box of 12 sachets)
  • HIVE organic hot cocoa
  • Women’s Bean Project baking mix
  • Three activity books
  • Box of eight crayons in assorted colors
  • City sidewalk jumbo chalk
  • Kids washable paint
  • Paint cup and paint brush
  • Playdough slime
  • Elmer’s glue cosmic shimmer
  • Magnifying glass
  • DIY white canvas drawstring backpack
  • Fabric markers in four colors

Our story starts with a mom who developed Yipes! wipes to encourage kids to develop their own self-motivated healthy habits and embrace the messy side of growing up. Yipes! are designed specifically for kids who are ready to graduate from “baby wipes” to a wipe they feel confident using on their own. Yipes! founder Deborah Lu Lynch’s mission has always been to help others understand health and achieve health and the best quality of life. it’s what’s inside of the packaging that really counts, and Deborah’s focus has always been on just that.

Holiday Gift Ideas


Music Minute: T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang - White Christmas

 Country music legend T.G. Sheppard and singer-songwriter Kelly Lang are excited to announce the release of their version of the holiday classic, White Christmas.” Joined by Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame members, The Oak Ridge Boys, this fun and light-hearted rendition blends their unique vocal styles, creating an instant fan-favorite that will leave every listener begging for more. “White Christmas” was exclusively premiered by Cowboys & Indians and is available to download and stream on all digital platforms.

To view the "White Christmas" premiere with Cowboys & Indians, visit HERE.

To purchase/stream, visit HERE.

To keep up with future releases, social media, and everything T.G. Sheppard, visit HERE.

To keep up with future releases, social media, and everything Kelly Lang, visit HERE.

To keep up with future releases, social media, and everything about The Oak Ridge Boys, visit HERE.

About T.G. Sheppard:
T.G. Sheppard has always had an unstoppable passion for music. That passion, combined with a steadfast dedication to entertainment, has made him one of the most popular live performers in country music today. With 21 #1 hit songs, his live concerts are chock full of his chart-topping tunes like “Last Cheater’s Waltz,” “I Loved ‘Em Every One,” and “Do You Wanna Go To Heaven.” Sheppard released his latest album, Midnight In Memphis, in 2019. With more than 40 years of show business under his belt, it’s only natural that Sheppard has developed a reputation as a solid performer who delivers exactly what audiences want. All this and more, combined with a steadfast commitment to entertainment, has truly made T.G. Sheppard one of the great legends in country music.

About Kelly Lang:
As a songwriter, Lang has had a stellar career with her songs being recorded by artists such as Ricky Skaggs, Lorrie Morgan, The Oak Ridge Boys, Crystal Gayle, George Jones, B.J. Thomas, Jimmy Fortune, Jerry Lee Lewis, TG Sheppard, and Johnny Lee, just to name a few. She has also performed/recorded duets with iconic artists, Sir Barry Gibb, Dame Olivia Newton-John, Paul Shaffer, and Lee Greenwood. As an artist, Lang has released several albums including 11:11Shades of KThrowbackObsession, and Iconic Duets with her husband T.G. Sheppard. In the spring of 202 g re-released her classic children’s album Lullaby Country, which was originally sold at Cracker Barrel. Also in 2020, Lang released a collection of classic hits that she produced called Old Soul. As part of a national campaign, her voice and writing skills can be heard on television with her song “I’m Not Going Anywhere” throughout the United States as the official anthem for the Ascension Hospital commercial. In 2021, she released her autography also titled I’m Not Going Anywhere. Lang’s new album, Old Soul II, the latest installment of vintage hits is available now.

About The Oak Ridge Boys:
The Oak Ridge Boys have sold over 41 million units worldwide and are synonymous with “America, apple pie, baseball, and country music.” In addition to their awards and accolades in the country music field, the Oaks have garnered five GRAMMY® Awards, nine GMA DOVE Awards, and two American Music Awards. The group—Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban, members of the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame (2015 Inductees) and the Grand Ole Opry (since 2011)—is known worldwide as one of recording history’s most extraordinary musical successes. They have charted single after single and album after album, celebrating two double-platinum albums and more than 30 Top 10 hits, including No. 1 chart-toppers “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue,” “Thank God For Kids,” “American Made,” and “Y’All Come Back Saloon,” among dozens more. For more information and to view upcoming tour dates for The Oak Ridge Boys, please visit

Money Matters: Documenting Possessions for Insurance

 Like many Americans, when Will Seippel started to think about where he might want to live for retirement, Florida was at the top of his list. In 2021 Seippel, the founder of WorthPoint, the world's largest provider of information about art, antiques and collectibles, bought a house in Cape Coral, Florida. When Hurricane Ian reached Florida on September 28, his new house was left standing — but waterlogged. 


"We hadn't had a hurricane down there of any severity for 100 years," says Seippel. "And lo and behold, the second hurricane season I'm down there, a hurricane comes, and the storm's center is where I live. We had eight and a half hours of 100 mph-plus wind." 


The house remained intact, but wind and water saturated the walls, causing mold. The resulting damage will require the home to be gutted and rebuilt. 


Seippel isn't alone. According to FEMA, 40% of Americans live in a disaster zone or state. Add to this the fact that 80% of Americans file insurance claims caused by weather, to the tune of $152 billion a year. 


As for the possessions in the house, Seippel says it's ironic that he owns a company with a database "vault" that allows users to capture the items they own with images and text as evidence for insurance. 


"There are a few ways to lose your stuff in a natural disaster. They can be stolen, they can be washed out with the storm, or they can have water damage. If the water damage is not taken care of, mold can set in," says Seippel.  


Seippel has hundreds of collectibles, art and other possessions that were damaged in the storm. "I'm glad I had a photo of them and description in the vault, as concrete evidence for the insurance," says Seippel.  


Seippel offers his steps for preparing your house and the stuff in it in case disaster strikes.


According to Seippel, the steps include: 


Step One: Do a walkthrough and create an inventory. Inventory your possessions by going through every closet, drawer, shed and garage. List each item, including clothing, accessories, electronics, appliances, furniture, decorations, linens, artwork, hobby items, collectibles and heirlooms.


Step Two: Take photos and add notes. Once your list is made, go back over the items, take a picture of each article or group of objects, and any relevant notes, including make, model, serial number and dollar value if you know it. List the store and year purchased.


Step Three: Gather your documents. For larger purchases such as furniture, appliances, jewelry, art and collectibles, scan the documents and save them to a specific folder on your computer. 


Step Four: Record a video. Go through and take a video of everything as further proof of your ownership and its condition. 


Step Five: Compare your list to your current insurance policy and work with your agent to make sure you have the type of insurance and enough coverage for what you own in the event of a disaster.


Step Six: Update your inventory. As you acquire new possessions, be sure to update your inventory record. 


About Will Seippel


Will Seippel is the CEO and founder of WorthPoint, the world’s largest provider of information about art, antiques and collectibles. Consistently in the top 1,000 most visited websites in the US, WorthPoint receives more than 300,000 visits a day.


An Inc. 500 company, WorthPoint is utilized by individuals and organizations seeking credible valuations on everything from cameras to coins. WorthPoint counts among their clients the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and the IRS.


Prior to founding WorthPoint, Seippel held a wide variety of C-suite positions, including: CTO and CFO of, CFO Air Gate/Sprint and Director of Financial Planning for Covia Partnerships/United Airlines. As a result, he has worked across the globe from Serbia to Spain.


From the time he was 15, digging up relics at the Bull Run Battlefield in Virginia and selling them to collectors, he has been passionate about history and how the everyday items in people’s homes have value — both in memories and money.


Seippel holds a BS in Economics and Accounting from George Mason University and was a participant in the Technology Incubator Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year award from George Mason University, the Wall Street Deal of the Year award for issuing the first bond denominated in Euros and the Navy League’s highest civilian award.


Combining his background as a technologist, economist, collectables expert and dealer, Seippel has turned his attention to the Internet of Things. He is a frequent expert guest of the media on valuations and authentications and has been featured on NBC, Fox Business and Forbes.


When not busy educating the public about their stuff, he is a supporter of several nonprofits, including the Make a Wish Foundation, Gary’s House and the Navy League in Atlanta.


In his spare time, he creates textile art and finds treasures. His most recent find was from the Long Beach Flea Market, where he came across a bounty of treasure colonial ledgers from 18th century New Jersey.


Learn more at

Music Minute: Morgan Wallen - One Night At A Time World Tour

 Morgan Wallen is traveling around the globe to see his fans in 2023!

Morgan Wallen's One Night At A Time World Tour, produced by Live Nation in North America and Frontier Touring for Australia/New Zealand, kicks off overseas March 15-24 with shows in New Zealand and Australia with HARDY before returning stateside on April 15 at Milwaukee's American Family Field with HARDY, hitting New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, Chicago's Wrigley Field and Boston's Fenway Park with Parker McCollum, before wrapping on Oct. 7 at Tacoma Dome in Washington. ERNEST and Bailey Zimmerman will support across all dates, U.S. and internationally. Thirty-nine dates in total with 17 stadiums, amphitheaters, and arenas to boot. Tickets on sale at beginning Friday, Dec. 9.
Wallen named his tour after one of three new songs dropping tonight at midnight on his One Thing At A Time – Sampler: “One Thing At A Time”; “Tennessee Fan,” paying homage to Wallen's East Tennessee upbringing; and “Days That End In Why.” Together, these three songs serve as the first taste of what's to come from his time in the studio and arrive on the heels of his new single at country radio, “Thought You Should Know,” cowritten with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon, currently sitting Top 20 as his latest No. 1 “You Proof” returns to the top of the charts for a rare sixth, non-consecutive week atop the Country Airplay chart.
“Man, what a year 2022 has been with the Dangerous Tour. I had the time of my life, and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that my fans connected with the Dangerous album the way they did,” Wallen shares. “I've had so many people ask me if I wanted to take some time off; but the truth is - I have been writing and making so much music in my off-time because I feel as inspired as I ever have. It feels like new songs are pouring out of me, and I love that feeling. We are going to run it back next year with the One Night At A Time World Tour. Bigger venues. New countries. Bigger memories. See y'all there.”
As one of the biggest artists in the world with Dangerous continuing to notch historical chart status as Billboard's longest running Top 10 album in history for a solo artist (eclipsing Adele's 21 and Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA), the 2022 American Music AwardsFavorite Male Artist and Favorite Country Song winner adds, “Also, I'm not quite done making this new album, so I'm going to keep making it through the holiday break and early January to chase this inspiration. I promise I won't wait too long to reveal the album details. To hold you over, I'm dropping three new songs today as a sampler of what I've been working on. Can't wait to take it one night at a time in 2023.”
Wallen's 2022 Dangerous Tour spanned over 50 shows and broke records in 30 venues across the country during its 8-month-long run. Highlights include his historic Globe Life Field show, which became the fastest sellout in the venue's history and surpassed attendance records previously held by artists such as Elton John and Lady Gaga, and holding fastest historical sellouts at 11 venues, while simultaneously breaking attendance records with stops at XFINITY Theatre, AmericanBank Center and Darien Lake Amphitheater.
As on his Dangerous Tour, $3 of every ticket sold for U.S. dates benefits the Morgan Wallen Foundation which funds causes close to his heart and, to-date, has supported organizations such as Greater Good Music by donating over 500,000 meals-and-counting, to Children Are People, the Salvation Army and National Museum of African American Music.
There is no official pre-sale in the U.S. for this tour, so fans are advised to only purchase through verified fans. For more information, visit
With over 12.3 billion on-demand streams, multi-platinum certifications and seven chart-toppers at Country radio, it's no wonder The New Yorker dubbed Morgan Wallen “the most wanted man in country.” His critically-acclaimed, 4x platinum ACM Album of the Year Dangerous: The Double Album (Big Loud/Republic Records) -- Wallen's follow-up to his double platinum breakout If I Know Me -- topped 2021's all-genre Billboard 200 Albums year-end chart with 4.1 million units sold earning him 2022 Billboard Awards Country Male Artist top honor while continuing to notch historical chart status as Billboard's longest running Top 10 album in history for a solo artist (eclipsing Adele's 21 and Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA). Its success sparked the in-demand 55-show Dangerous Tour in 2022 that kicked off this February and wrapped in early October, with the superstar's first headlining stadium show at Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX that saw Wallen shattering attendance records previously held by Elton John and Lady Gaga. The east Tennessean's hit-packed set included “Up Down” (2017), “Whiskey Glasses” (2018), “Chasin' You” (2019), “More Than My Hometown” (2020), “7 Summers” (2020, named one of Time Magazine's Best Songs of the Year), “Sand In My Boots” (2021), and his crossover “Wasted On You.” Wallen's first solo release of 2022, the emotional ballad “Don't Think Jesus,” timed to Good Friday in honor of its redemptive lyrics, earned a Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 debut and landed atop Billboard Hot Country Songs chart making him the first artist to score three No.1 debuts on the chart (based on airplay, streaming and sales) since its inception. Follow up single “You Proof,” released in mid-May, became Wallen's fastest chart climber to date, reaching No. 1 after 14 weeks and remaining at No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart for six non-consecutive weeks. Working outside the traditional Nashville mainframe with producer Joey Moi, HITS notes, “Wallen continually colors outside the lines,” adding, in turn “he's connected to his fans in ways unprecedented for a country star.” Having already taken home New Artist of the Year in 2020, the CMA Winner also won AMAs fan-voted Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Country Song at 2022's awards. The east Tennessee superstar and recent ACM Milestone Award recipient shares, “Awards are awesome, but my true measure of success is my fans, who this year I got to see every single night out on the road and will continue to do so for many years to come.” Thanks to nearly 1 million of his fans, $3 for every ticket sold during his 2022 Dangerous Tour has raised nearly $3 million benefitting the Morgan Wallen Foundation which funds causes close to his heart.
Big Loud Records' heavy hitter HARDY has never been just one thing. Uncaging his next chapter on January 20, 2023, HARDY will introduce the mockingbird & THE CROW, his dichotomous, 17-track sophomore album and the follow up to 2020 debut, A ROCK. HARDY is the reigning ACM Songwriter of the Year, 2022's BMI Country Songwriter of the Year and a two-time AIMP Songwriter of the Year. One of CRS' 2021 New Faces of Country Music and a two-time CMA Triple Play award recipient, the pride of Philadelphia, Miss. has earned his reputation as “a breakout in the making,” (HITS) and “a promising purveyor of keeping the spirit of classic heavy Southern rock alive” (American Songwriter). HARDY has written 12 No. 1 singles since 2018, including his own double platinum No. 1 single “ONE BEER” feat. Lauren Alaina + Devin Dawson, and chart-topping Dierks Bentley + BRELAND collaboration, “Beers On Me.” He's previously toured with Thomas Rhett, Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell, and more, and will embark on his own SOLD-OUT headlining Wall to Wall Tour this winter, before launching the mockingbird & THE CROW Tour in 2023. 
Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Parker McCollum released his major label debut album, Gold Chain Cowboy, with MCA. The album follows his Hollywood Gold EP which was met with widespread critical acclaim and became the top-selling debut country EP of 2020. McCollum earned his first-ever No. 1 hit with his platinum-selling premiere single, “Pretty Heart,” and his follow-up single, “To Be Loved By You,” also hit No. 1 on the charts. “To Be Loved By You” was also the highest first week debut album of 2021. In November of 2021, McCollum made his first late-night TV appearance performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
McCollum has been named an Artist to Watch by Rolling Stone, Billboard, SiriusXM, CMT, RIAA, and more with American Songwriter noting, “The Texas native teeters on the edge of next-level superstardom.” MusicRow listed McCollum as their 2021 Breakout Artist of the Year and Apple also included him as one of their all-genre "Up Next Artists" Class of 2021. A dedicated road warrior, McCollum made his debut at the famed Grand Ole Opry in 2021 and he already sells out venues across the country (over 40 sold out shows nationwide in 2021) including record-breaking crowds in Dallas (20,000), The Woodlands (16,500), Austin (7500+), Lubbock (7700+), Jackson, MS (5000+), Kearney, NE (3000+), Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, and three nights at Fort Worth's iconic Billy Bob's Texas. In March of this year McCollum made his debut at RodeoHouston to a sold-out crowd with over 73,000 tickets sold. McCollum earned his first ACM award for New Male Artist of the Year in March 2022 in Las Vegas.  McCollum also won his first CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year award, a fully fan-voted honor, in April 2022.
Nashville's most unpredictable hitmaker ERNEST is “The Charmer” (MusicRow), a triple threat talent and one of Music City's on the rise artist/writers that's changing the status quo. A 2022 Variety Hitmaker, the chart-topping songwriter fuses influences ranging from Eminem to George Jones, creating a twist-heavy verse style that's become his signature, proving its mettle and earning him seven #1 hits to date. The eccentric free spirit and 2022 CMA Triple Play Award winner released his debut full-length album Flower Shops (The Album) in March, named one of Holler and The Tennessean's best albums of 2022 and showcasing the more classically country side of his craft. Nashville's “busiest – and most consistently successful – creative force” (Tennessean) just wrapped his first-ever sold-out headlining Sucker For Small Towns Tour, spanning college towns nationwide.
Establishing himself as one of music's most exciting new voices, Bailey Zimmerman has arrived at the cusp of superstardom with the 2022 release of his debut EP, Leave The Light On – the biggest streaming country debut of all time and the most-streamed all-genre debut of the year. The EP arrived at No. 2 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart and No. 9 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart, affording the Louisville, Illinois, native to join Zach Bryan and Luke Combs as the only country artists in 2022 to earn more than one million streams on each of a project's tracks during release week alone. In 2021 the 22-year-old released his very first song. Now, in just one year's time, Zimmerman touts nearly 1 billion global streams, has earned his first pair of platinum singles, notched three entries on the Billboard Hot 100, and sold out his first headline tour within minutes of tickets going on-sale.
A young artist with the rasp of a seasoned rocker and the heart of a sensitive songwriter, Zimmerman strikes a sweet spot between timeless American country, rafter-rattling arena rock, and the kind of authentic storytelling that tugs at the heartstrings with a sense of humor and a whole lot of soul. With more new music on the horizon, featuring the grit and gravel of his unmistakably Southern drawl, Zimmerman will continue to showcase the straightforward authenticity for which he is known and loved.
Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) is the world's leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts, and Live Nation Sponsorship. For additional information, visit

Mealtime Magic: All-Natural Food Gifts

 - African Coffee Club (Single purchase and Subscriptions) Stuff all your coffee lovers’ stockings with premium single-source whole bean coffee from Africa (the birthplace of coffee!) from African Coffee Club. This online subscription company, founded by a 2nd generation coffee farmer, provides high-end African coffee varieties. Using only the finest coffee beans grown and harvested from 9 regions and six countries is like a  tour of Africa with each sip! Each coffee has a unique note profile specific to each region's coffee farm--providing a variety of aromatic blends for coffee aficionados to experience. Its flavorful single-origin whole bean African coffee is perfect for drip coffee makers, french press, and pour-over enthusiasts. It is freshly roasted weekly in California to ensure freshness with each order. Available in beautiful gift sets, single-purchases, and subscriptions every 2, 4, or 6 weeks. Visit www.African


- Black Sheep CBD Meringue Cookies:  Stuff  almost everyone’s stocking with Black Sheep CBD merigue cookies! These tasty traditional treats but with a healthy twist! Made from premium, all-natural ingredients, these deliciously light cookies are made with CBD (THC Free) that taste as good as they'll make you feel-- with none of the high! Crafted from chef-inspired recipes, Black Sheep CBD Meringue Cookies have only natural ingredients like Cane Sugar and Natural flavors. They are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy Free, Cholesterol Free, Non-GMO, and THC-Free and contain zero total fat, saturated fats, or trans fats. Every bag contains 100 MG or 200MG of 100% hemp-derived CBD and is made from full-spectrum CBD. Available in 9 irresistible flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cappuccino, Caramel, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, Cotton Candy, and Mint Chocolate. Available at  

- This is the stocking stuffer the coffee lover in your life will use every day! The Moka coffee cup from Brand Factory tells you why it's so special with the inscription “This cup is made from repurposed coffee grounds and husk that would otherwise be discarded,” right on the side of the cup. Moka is recyclable, reusable, sustainable, freezer and dishwasher safe, BPA free and yes, made with coffee grounds and husk. Moka is also heat resistant, barista friendly with 12 and 16 ounce sizes, and fits into standard cup holders. What more would you expect from the sustainable Brand Factory with their focus on creative products using innovative materials with thoughtful and elevated design?  Available in the earthy shades of Sand and Pebble. Available for $8 - 10 at

 - TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam: Bacon lovers will rejoice this holiday season when you gift them TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam, a magical spread made with real bacon, brown sugar, and caramelized onions to create a delicious spread, dip, and marinade all in one. Each jar contains enough sweet 'n' savory flavor to transform even the simplest snack into a feast! TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavors, including The Boar's Reserve 3 Pack: Maple Bacon Jam, Habanero Bacon Jam, Bacon and Fig Jam.


Also available for every bacon lover on your gift list is TBJ Gourmet's Emergency Bacon Kit, which includes a 9oz jar of Classic Bacon Jam and a jar of both Smoked Bacon Salt and Maple Sugar Rub!

It is made in the USA. All-natural ingredients and ethically sourced. Available at,Amazon, Walmart, and select gourmet shops around the nation. 


Book Nook: Tickle & Main Unicorn Book & Gift Set

 Creative QT- Tickle & Main Unicorn Gift Set with Book

Absolutely adorable 3 piece unicorn gift set which includes a rhyming illustrated book, a soft and fluffy unicorn plush toy, and a child size matching unicorn headband. This generous set is sure to bring lots of fun and smiles and plenty of imaginative play. Headband fits all ages from toddler to little girls to big girls and is as comfortable as it is cute with decorative flowers, ears, and a metallic gold horn. Unicorn plush is super soft and cuddly and will become her favorite storytime friend.

Available on: Amazon, Walmart,, and more