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Going Green - AveSeena Skincare

AveSeena is a cruelty free, science-forward skincare line - an ultra-powerful, ultra-gentle natural skincare solution specially formulated to combat signs of inflammaging from the skin’s surface to underneath. 

“AveSeena’s Dermoimmuno wellness technology focuses to visibly support all 4 pillars of your skin – the physical and chemical barrier, its microbiome and skin immune balance – that help your skin to thrive and to calm signs of inflammaging triggered by stress and pollution,” according to AveSeena’s Founder & CEO Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu. ““Everybody is stressed now, unhappy with their skin or body. Afterall, we have been cooped inside for nearly two years now. We offer something that is going to make our customers’ skin happy.”

AveSeena is science-forward skincare going beyond the “obvious” first layer. “Our brand is about visible results even for the most sensitive skin, from surface to underneath (four layers deep),” Dr. Ebru explains. “This is real skincare for now and the future.”

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Smart Safety - Toxic Behavior in Online Games

Kidas (“the Company''), a technology solutions company developing anti-cyberbullying and predator protection software for online gaming platforms, recently announced the establishment of a coalition of companies who have committed to working together to create safety standards for the gaming industry. This group will work together to actively address rampant and growing online threats and toxic behavior affecting children during game play.

The initial companies that have committed to forming these standards include Aura, the first truly intelligent safety solution; Xsolla, a global video game commerce company; Stand4Kind, which provides numerous resources to encourage wellness and positive school culture; LeagueSpot the most trusted and secure gaming platform in the world, providing organizations with a white label solution to host and manage their own events and leagues; Game Gym, the premiere esports training platform and community; and Overwolf, the all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, share and monetize in-game apps, mods and private game servers.

Seventy percent of young people under age 18 play video games, and half of these children have encountered cyberbullying or other online predators. This is unacceptable. Online gaming, which can serve as an essential tool for helping kids to develop important emotional, cognitive and social skills, has become a hub for cyber-criminals, bullies, scammers and predators to target kids and engage in toxic game play,” said Ron Kerbs, Founder and CEO, Kidas. “The gaming industry has a responsibility to protect its most vulnerable players and ensure a fair, safe gaming environment for all children, at all times. Building a coalition of gaming industry leaders who have come together to adopt these standards brings us one step closer to removing harmful interactions and players from these platforms once and for all.”

By signing the safety pledge, coalition members are committing to working across the gaming ecosystem to identify, address and ultimately, reduce toxic and criminal behaviors that may occur during online gaming. Organizations joining the pledge will also be asked to help the group reach its aspirational goal of creating a toxic-free gaming environment by sharing their internal analysis with other coalition members and to publicly share that data as part of an annual report highlighting the findings of the coalition, with the first report slated to publish in 2024. Over time, as the group grows its numbers and has access to more resources and data, the coalition intends to collectively increase its efforts to address child safety.

Key tenets of Kidas’ child safety standards include:Pledge:Recognize the problem and commit to supporting efforts to curb negative behavior and dangerous activities aimed at exploiting children.
Support both efforts and technologies aimed at reducing incidences of scamming, bullying and predatory behavior.Analyze:Commit to a cadence of ongoing analyses that measures the frequency of unsafe incidents involving kids.
Identify underlying policies or practices that need to be changed so that bad actors can be identified and removed from the platform.
Hold your organization accountable and ensure transparency.Measure:Share analyses with trusted partners to enable a clearer view into the challenges facing the industry to protect kids playing online games.
Consider sharing a topline summary of results internally with leadership, the Board of Directors and / or employees for further discussion and recommendations for action.

“The FBI reports there are more than 500,000 online predators targeting children every day. This threat, coupled with the rise of cyberbullying targeting kids, is a crisis all families are facing,” said Hari Ravichandran, founder and CEO of Aura. “Together, with our industry partners, we can work towards creating a safer, toxic-free internet.”

“The gaming ecosystem is at its best when players and creators can freely connect, collaborate, and grow with one another in a safe space. That joining of people across space, time, and culture makes our community of millions unique and why we strive to be a beacon of positivity within the industry,” added Chris Hewish, CEO at Xsolla. “We recognize the responsibility we and all other stakeholders have in building a gaming environment that protects its users and welcome efforts to address the rampant toxicity that can unfortunately thrive when left unchecked.”

I had a chance to learn more in this interview with Ron Kerbs, CEO of Kidas.

Why is it important to be aware of threats and toxic behavior during online gameplay?
It is crucial to be aware of threats and toxic behavior during online gameplay for several reasons. First and foremost, the online gaming environment often involves interaction with other players, and instances of harassment, bullying or malicious activities can negatively impact the gaming experience. Additionally, exposure to toxic behavior can have adverse effects on the mental well-being of players, potentially leading to stress, anxiety or even more severe consequences. Creating a safe and enjoyable gaming community requires vigilance and proactive measures to address and prevent toxic behavior.

How can companies gather data to determine how prevalent this is?
Companies can employ various methods to gather data on the prevalence of threats and toxic behavior during online gameplay. This may include implementing in-game reporting systems (such as Kidas’ ProtectMe), where players can flag inappropriate conduct. Analyzing chat logs, monitoring player feedback and conducting surveys are also effective ways to gauge the extent of such issues.

Why does the gaming industry need to provide protections for children and teens during gameplay?
The gaming industry has a responsibility to provide protections for children and teens during gameplay. Younger players may lack the maturity and experience to navigate complex online interactions, making them more susceptible to cyberbullying, inappropriate content or other forms of harm. Implementing age-appropriate content controls, robust moderation systems and educational initiatives can help create a safer gaming space for younger audiences.

What are some ways that families can keep their kids safe and prepare them for how to respond when they do encounter toxic behaviors?
Families can take several proactive steps to keep their kids safe during online gameplay. Firstly, establishing open communication with children about their gaming experiences encourages them to share concerns or encounters with toxic behavior. Setting up parental controls and privacy settings to limit exposure to inappropriate content is essential. Educating children about responsible online behavior, including how to recognize and respond to toxic behavior, is also crucial.

About Kidas
Kidas is a technology company developing anti-cyberbullying and predator protection software for online PC video game platforms. Hyper-focused on protecting young players, Kidas equips parents, guardians and educators with the tools that they need to manage the inherent risks that persist through online anonymity and shield their children from online predators and other toxic behaviors while they game. Through its proprietary, AI-powered ProtectMe software that analyzes in-game voice communication, text activity and screen time on PC games and apps, Kidas silently integrates into hundreds of popular games and monitors for predatory actions and privacy concerns. Custom weekly, monthly and, if needed, daily / immediate reports are generated and emailed to parents, letting them know if their child encountered threats. For more information, visit

About Xsolla
Xsolla is a global video game commerce company with a robust and powerful set of tools and services designed specifically for the industry. Since its founding in 2005, Xsolla has helped thousands of game developers and publishers of all sizes fund, market, launch, and monetize their games globally and across multiple platforms. As an innovative leader in game commerce, Xsolla’s mission is to solve the inherent complexities of global distribution, marketing, and monetization to help our partners reach more geographies, generate more revenue, and create relationships with gamers worldwide. Headquartered and incorporated in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Berlin, Seoul, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and cities around the world, Xsolla supports major gaming titles like Valve, Twitch, Roblox, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Take-Two, KRAFTON, Nexters, NetEase, Playstudios, Playrix, miHoYo, and more.
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About LeagueSpot
LeagueSpot is at the forefront of esports & gaming technology, providing organizers, players, and enthusiasts with innovative tools for unparalleled connectivity and competition. Championing security and reliability, our platform features end-to-end encryption, ensuring user data's utmost protection. From seamless tournament management and player rankings to our vibrant community forum, LeagueSpot is committed to elevating the esports & gaming experience, making it more accessible and inclusive for all. Learn more at

About Overwolf
Overwolf is the guild for in-game creators. With over 1,500 games supported, 165,000 creators, and 41 million monthly active users, Overwolf is the all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, distribute, and monetize in-game apps, mods, and private servers. Built for creators by creators, Overwolf is on a mission to unite the in-game creator community and empower them to make a living doing what they love - developing truly awesome gaming experiences. In 2022, Overwolf paid over $160 million to in-game creators. Based in Tel Aviv, Overwolf has raised over $150 million to date from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Griffin Gaming Partners, Insight Partners, and others.

Fun Freetime - Stearman Santa at Lone Star Flight Museum (Houston TX, 12/9, 12/10 and 12/16)


Stearman Santa returns to the Lone Star Flight Museum, located at Ellington Airport just 20 minutes south of downtown Houston, for family fun holiday events this December including a special Breakfast With Santa event.

Stearman Santa is set for Saturdays, Dec. 9 and Dec. 16. Museum guests will see St. Nick taxi to the museum followed by photos with Santa, craft-making and other activities. Stearman Santa events are included with a general admission ticket to the museum. Tickets are $18for adults; $15 for ages 12 to 17 and seniors 65 and up; and $12 for ages 4 to 11. Admission is free for ages 3 and under. Admission for members is always free.

Breakfast with Santa will be held Saturday, Dec. 10. The holiday festivities begin at 9 a.m. when Santa arrives in a PT-17 Stearman. 250 guests will enjoy a full breakfast along with holiday treats, coffee and cocoa. Santa will mingle with families and visit the Holiday Market in the Heritage Hangar. Guests can take photos with Santa have fun with holiday-themed aviation crafts and story time with Mrs. Claus. Breakfast With Santa is presented by South Houston Moms and sponsored by Houston Event PlanningThis event is sold out.


Where:     The Lone Star Flight Museum, 11551 Aerospace Ave.

                 Houston, Texas 77034


Lone Star Flight Museum President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Owens is available for interviews. Spanish language spokespersons are also available for interviews.


           When: Stearman Santa

Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023

11:00 a.m. – Santa arrives in the museum’s bright yellow Stearman and will visit with museum visitors.

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – Visit with Santa, enjoy story time with Mrs. Claus, and participate in holiday craft-making.


Breakfast with Santa – Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023 – SOLD OUT! - Open to Breakfast with Santa ticketholders

8:30 a.m. – Museum Doors Open 

9:00 a.m. – Santa arrives on LSFM Ramp 

9:30 – 10:30 a.m. – Breakfast with Santa 

10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – Santa visits in Heritage Hangar (Open to all museum visitors)

10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Holiday Market in Heritage Hangar (Open to all museum visitors)


The museum will open to general visitors at 10 a.m. and are welcomed to take part in the holiday activities in the Heritage Hangar beginning at 10:30 a.m.


For full event details and to learn more about the museum, visit LONESTARFLIGHT.ORG or follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM The museum relies on the support of the community through ticket sales, membership, events, and other programs. Generous donations also support the operations of the museum.



About the Lone Star Flight Museum

The Lone Star Flight Museum (LSFM) is a 501c3 aviation museum and STEM learning center with a mission to celebrate flight and achievements in Texas aviation as well as educate and engage our youth through science, technology, engineering and math. In addition to the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, the 130,000 square foot museum is home to a flying collection of rare and historic commercial, general aviation and military aircraft. Guests can experience the wonder of flight in a warbird ride and get hands-on in the high-tech Aviation Learning Center and Flight Academy. Multiple public and STEM-focused education programs create an unforgettable museum experience for visitors of all ages. Located at Ellington Airport, just 20 minutes from downtown Houston, LSFM is open Tuesday-Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sundays Noon – 5 p.m. Tickets start at $12 with senior and military discounts. Memberships are also available. For details, visit or call 346-708-2517, and follow us on Facebook andInstagram.





Fun Freetime - 2024's Best Cities for Candle Lovers


What better present than a candle to make your loved one’s home smell like gingerbread, evergreen trees, or a locally inspired aroma?

To light up Candle Day on Dec. 2 ahead of the gift-giving season, HVAC Gnome ranked 2024’s Best Cities for Candle Lovers.

We compared the 250 biggest U.S. cities based on 3 categories. We looked at access to candle shops and local candlemakers, candlemaking classes, and supply shops, among 7 total metrics.

Sniff through the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for candle lovers below, followed by key stats from our report.
Best Cities for Candle Lovers
1New York, NY
2Los Angeles, CA
3Houston, TX
4Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
San Antonio, TX
St. Louis, MO
Baltimore, MD
Cincinnati, OH
Kansas City, MO
Worst Cities for Candle Lovers
1Thornton, CO
2Palm Bay, FL
3New Haven, CT
4Fairfield, CA
8 (TIE)
8 (TIE)
Surprize, AZ
Elgin, IL
Sunnyvale, CA
Independence, MO
Arvada, CO
Bridgeport, CT

Key Insights:

  • Take a whiff of big cities like New York (No. 1), Los Angeles (No. 2), and Houston (No. 3), which finished at the top of our ranking with the most local candle shops and candlemakers. These cities also offer abundant craft stores and candlemaking classes to appease DIY types.

  • Access to local votives in some cities like Boston (No. 91), Milwaukee (No. 84), and St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 141), doesn’t parallel the high demand.

  • Missouri cities St. Louis (No. 7) and Kansas City (No. 10) stand out with the best access to candlemaking supply shops

  • Crafty cities along the East Coast like Baltimore (No. 8) and Raleigh, North Carolina (No. 22), landed near the top thanks to their passionate candle-loving communities

  • 18 California cities — such as Sunnyvale (No. 244) and Fairfield (No. 247) — melted into our bottom 50 with overall scores of less than 1 point. Not only do these cities lack candle shops and candlemaking resources, but their low Google search volumes indicate an overall lack of local interest.

Helpful Links:

Candle wax and soot can clog your HVAC filters, which can affect your indoor air quality. Hire a local pro through HVAC Gnome to clean or replace your filters for fresher air.

HVAC Gnome is part of the Home Gnome family of home services sites.



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Caring Causes - IT'SUGAR's Charity Lollipop Program

 IT'SUGAR, one of the largest specialty candy retailers in North America, announced at a ceremonial check presentation that it has raised over $1.12 million for Make-A-Wish through its Charity Lollipop Program. IT'SUGAR began selling its rainbow star-shaped Wish Pops in 2019 with the goal of reaching $1 million in donations. The Wish Pops are part of the company's Charity Lollipop Program, which contributes a portion of the proceeds from lollipop sales.  

 "We are profoundly grateful to everyone who has supported IT'SUGAR's Charity Lollipop Program over the years," said Jarett Levan, CEO of IT'SUGAR and President and CEO of BBX Capital. "We are proud to partner with Make-A-Wish to help children affected by critical illnesses and their families. Make-A-Wish is deeply aligned with our mission of providing an escape from everyday life, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Make-A-Wish to give even more wishes to children."   

"Make-A-Wish is thrilled to celebrate this remarkable milestone with IT'SUGAR. We know that wishes can be a powerful and healing force in the lives of children with critical illnesses and their families, and partners like IT’SUGAR allow us to deliver the impact of a wish to more children and families when they need it most," added Leslie Motter, President & CEO of Make-A-Wish America.  

IT'SUGAR has donated more than $1.5 million to nonprofit organizations nationally through its Charity Lollipop Program.  


About IT'SUGAR: IT'SUGAR is one of the largest specialty candy retailers in the world, with over 100 locations in the U.S. and Canada. IT'SUGAR isn't just a candy store – it transforms how the world experiences their favorite sugary treats. Known for its absurd sugar innovations that celebrate lighthearted rebellion, IT'SUGAR aspires to a future where everyone has access to the pure joy that comes from indulging in a world with fewer restrictions and more SUGAR. IT'SUGAR is a subsidiary of BBX Capital. For more information, please visit www.IT'  

About BBX Capital, Inc.: BBX Capital is a Florida-based diversified holding company whose principal holdings include BBX Capital Real Estate, BBX Sweet Holdings (which includes IT'SUGAR), and Renin. For additional information, please visit  

About Make-A-Wish:Make-A-Wish creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Founded in Phoenix, Arizona, Make-A-Wish is the #1 most trusted nonprofit operating locally in all 50 states throughout the U.S. Together with generous donors, supporters, staff, and more than 24,000 volunteers across the country, Make-A-Wish delivers hope and joy to children and their families when they need it most. Make-A-Wish aims to bring the power of wishing to every child with a critical illness because wish experiences can help improve emotional and physical health. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish has granted more than 550,000 wishes in 50 countries worldwide; more than 360,000 wishes in the U.S. and its territories alone. For more information about Make-A-Wish America, visit 


Smart Safety - Child Heatstroke in Cars: An Up-and-Coming Prevention

By Muxin Ma, COO — Pontosense

In the United States, 37 children die from heatstroke in the back seat of a car every year. Some gain unsupervised access to a vehicle, but many are unintentionally left in the cars by loving parents and caregivers. In fact, claims that approximately 950 children have perished in hot cars since 1998, and over half were left behind by distracted parents or caregivers.

How emerging technology can prevent incidents of heatstroke in cars

If you think you could never leave your infant or young child in a locked car, think again. Regardless of their gender, socioeconomic background, or personality type, any parent can make this mistake any time they have a break from their usual schedule or get distracted by balancing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Fortunately, emerging technology can detect when children have been left unattended in vehicles and alert parents. The technology uses state-of-the-art sensor arrays connected to mobile apps to empower vehicles with real-time driver and passenger insights. If a child is left inside the car, the sensor detects this and sends a message. The parent then has the option to call 911 or another emergency contact right away.

The FCC waived restrictions on radar-based child detection and alert systems in April 2021. Granting this waiver at last permitted manufacturers and automakers to begin installing these systems. Today, advanced technologies can even detect movements as small as a baby's breathing.

Another type of alarm system uses seat belts to keep parents alert. When cars are in motion, dashboard messages alert drivers if children unfasten their seatbelts. When cars stop, an alert sounds to remind drivers to check their back seats and help children exit the vehicle.

Cell phone companies are also improving vehicle safety by facilitating plug-in devices that allow drivers to view a reflection of their vehicle on their dashboard screens. If the user's car is equipped with a device that checks the backseat, the phone will also sound an alarm. By 2025, manufacturers predict all new cars will be equipped with backseat safety alarms.

How education and awareness can prevent child heatstroke

As an individual, you can prevent child heatstroke in vehicles by using social media to spread the word. Don’t forget to talk about the issue with friends and family members who have children.

Tips you can share to help you and others maintain vigilance include buckling a stuffed animal in the front passenger seat when you buckle your children into the car seat, placing the diaper bag in the front seat, forming a habit of checking the back seat every time before leaving the car, and putting the car seat in the middle of the backseat to make it more visible. You can avoid distraction by keeping cell phones out of reach while driving, and you can increase focus by interacting with your child as much as possible.

How communities and individuals play a part in preventing child heatstroke

In any community, everyone can keep their eyes open for infants and children left in vehicles. If you come across a child alone in a locked car, assess the child’s condition and respond accordingly. Use the car’s color, make, and license number to page the parent in the nearest business.

If the child appears to be in immediate danger or you see symptoms of heat stroke, call the police for help. Your top concern is the child’s protection, which means you need to act swiftly.

If you need to remove the child from the car, shatter the window farthest from the child and gain entry by opening the door. If the child shows signs of heatstroke, take them to shade or air conditioning, get them to drink water, and wait for the proper authorities to arrive.

Heatstroke can be a fatal condition, and it is crucial that we all do our part in preventing it. The most effective way to do this is by raising awareness and educating others on how they can help prevent child heatstroke in vehicles.

Caring Connections - Family Happiness Survey

 Love is the deepest emotion we can feel- especially when it comes to our kids and our parents. 

Mixbook surveyed 1969 Americans to find out where American families were the happiest and what qualities they deemed were important to have a happy, healthy family.

Key Findings:

  • Families in Tennessee are the happiest by state, and families in Virginia Beach are the happiest by city. 

    • Families in Oregon are the least happy. Portland also ranks #1 city with the least happy families.  

  • 1 in 4 Americans are in touch daily with family members outside of their home.

  • The average American ranks their family's happiness as 7.3 out of 10.

  • Watching TV together & dining together are the two ways American families bond the most.
  • 74% of Americans would describe their family as happier than most.

Take a look at the full Mixbook study

Book Nook - Guided Transformation: Poems, Quotes, and Inspiration

 In a remarkable journey from a challenging childhood to international acclaim, radio host and inspirational figure Steven Cuoco has decided to share his harrowing past in a bid to inspire and empower others. Having faced multiple challenges throughout his childhood, Cuoco's story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of self-expression.


Cuoco describes his early years as being marked by dyslexia, a speech impediment and the fear of being murdered for being flamboyant — challenges that were exacerbated by an environment of verbal and emotional abuse within his biological family.


“It all came to a head when my biological mother secretly planned to commit suicide, but before she would take her life, she ordered her husband one evening to go upstairs to kill me,” Cuoco recalled.


Placed in foster care at age 7, Cuoco found solace in connecting with people, hearing their stories, and honing his communication skills to avoid judgment and rejection.


Before being removed from his biological family, Cuoco says his household was plagued by addiction and emotional turmoil. He found escape in movies, TV shows and radio programs.


“However, my flamboyance and biracial identity made me a target for abuse within my family and in the community,” Cuoco said. “Despite daily struggles for basic needs and at times never knowing when I would eat and being beaten almost every day, I clung to my dreams of becoming a successful actor, radio host, model and superstar.”


Adopted at the age of 9, Cuoco underwent counseling and experienced a transformative shift. Embraced by a loving family, he found the freedom to express himself through acting and discovered his passion for radio journalism. Dreaming of using the media to heal and inspire, he recorded his thoughts privately, fearing judgment and attack.


Seven months before the pandemic, Cuoco launched his radio show, "Live On Air with Steven Cuoco." The show quickly gained international recognition, with celebrity guests like Dan Aykroyd, Jeff Timmons and NFL athlete Alex Bachman, among others. Cuoco's unique approach, focusing on genuine connections rather than achievements, resonated with audiences worldwide.


“I believe that genuine connections are essential for personal growth and overcoming fear,” he said. “My show, especially during the pandemic, became a sanctuary for guests seeking reassurance and understanding. I emphasize the power of conversation as the foundation for every great beginning.”


Today, Cuoco is not just a successful radio host but also an author, grief counselor and certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coach. Having been invited on multiple occasions to speak at TEDx, he is now ready to share his complete story, free from fear and judgment. His Amazon bestseller, Guided Transformation: Poems, Quotes, and Inspiration, is a testament to his journey from trauma to triumph.


In sharing his story, Cuoco continues to break down barriers to inspire others to overcome their pasts, embrace their true selves and thrive through genuine connections.


Amazon link:

Going Green - The Christmas Poop Log Story Book

 The Christmas Poop Log Story Book and Activity Set is back for the 2023 holiday season after gaining abundant popularity since its release in 2021.  

The past two years has brought much success for the kitschy gift for kids and families as a fun and sustainable way to countdown to Christmas while embracing a beloved, old-world Spanish folklore.  

The beautiful, color illustrated, thirty-one-page paperback titled, The Christmas Poop Log: A Christmas Tradition story book is available on Amazon now for an affordable $15.95. The Christmas Poop Log Story Book and Activity set bundle is also available on for $39.95. 


It’s interactive and creates family time. 


The Activity Set complete with wooden log and dowels, Santa hat, felt blanket, paint set, glue, and googly eyes makes a great gift for kids, ages 3 and up. Many have expressed joy in building and designing the log together, reading the book, singing the corresponding song, and feeding their Poop Log each day leading up to Christmas. 


Many have purchased the advent-calendar type gift for their own families, crafters, or as a white elephant, or Pollyanna exchange for anyone who loves a laugh.  


It’s steeped in tradition. 


The whole family will adore this fun and educational cultural experience that centers around a Christmas tradition celebrated in the Catalonia region in Northern Spain with roots in the 18th century.  


The practice of finding the perfect poop log in the wilderness reflects the American tradition of finding the perfect tree. Once the one that’s ‘just right’ is found near the 8th of December, it is brought into the home and accessorized by its new family with an illustrated face, felt hat and other festive attire and propped on smaller logs as front “legs.”  A cozy blanket is then laid on “Caga Tió,” as it is affectionately called.  


Every day, family members “feed” Caga Tió with fruits and nuts until December 24th.  It is then that Caga Tió is tapped with sticks while the family sings a corresponding song asking it to “poop” presents!   


It’s the first time the tradition has been brought to life in a book and toy!  


After traveling to Spain several years ago and becoming fascinated by the tradition, entrepreneur and first-time author Jonathan Chastek created the book and activity set to bring the endearing tradition to American families in an accessible way by selling the logs as a ready-to-assemble complete kit versus collecting the log outdoors.  


It’s eco-friendly and is a gift that gives back. 


“Because the tradition is rooted in nature, a tree will be planted for every purchase through our partnership with OneTreePlanted,” says Chastek, “I very much want to keep sustainability and love for our planet at the forefront of our mission.”  


He continues, “It’s my hope that this fun, cultural tradition will be embraced by many this season. The activity set, with the book included to tell the story, is a great way to spend time together and bring holiday cheer and laughter.” 


He hopes that Caga Tió will become a part of every family’s holiday tradition. Once created, the log can be stowed away with holiday décor and embraced for years to come.   


It’s adored by celebs. 


The tradition has recently been adopted by families and celebrities alike who appreciate its silliness and fun factor including “Weird Barbie” comedian and actor, Kate McKinnon


Visit and stay connected by following @thechristmaspooplog on Instagram and Facebook.