Thursday, September 3, 2015

Caring Causes: Secrets of the Universe IMAX

As the fall semester begins, so does our quest to elevate the status of science. I'd like to introduce you to Secrets of the Universe – an IMAX documentary that explores some of the most elusive and fascinating phenomena in the cosmos under investigation at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The mission of the film is to increase scientific literacy both inside and outside of school settings. The discoveries being made at the LHC are not only important to the scientific community, but to all ofhumanity and we want to make that message clearThe movie will provide a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here, and it is knowledge that should be shared with everyone.

This project has been gaining some momentum, but it still needs help to be successful. You can be that help. Make a difference by helping to promote the campaign and raise the status of science by being part of this revolutionary project. And in the name of physics, please feel free to share this with anyone you know! Here is a link to the page: t/SecretsOfTheU niverse

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Caring Causes: KauzBots

The team at Kauzbots, makers of toy “robots with a heart” announced today it has launched an all-new website dedicated to providing proceeds of each toy bot to a specific charity. Kauzbots is also announcing the company is under new management with the number one goal being to build the philanthropic brand. Kauzbots was quietly founded in 2008 by a group of friends and philanthropists in Orange County, Calif. and looked to a group of passionate marketers to help take the brand to new levels. Kauzbots has become a popular and unique brand among children and gift-givers alike. To help position Kauzbots in more markets the company has launched a brand-new dynamic and easier-to-use website – remaining true to the goal and pursuit of giving back to communities all over the world, one Bot at a time.

“I love the Kauzbot brand and so do my kids. We are thrilled to not only be a part of the Kauzbots family, but even more excited to be in a position to help this charitable company grow. With a freshly designed site, we understand how important it is for customers to be able to easily and quickly find the Kauzbot that parallels with the causes that are closest to them,” said Natasha Nelson, President of Kauzbots. “As a company driven by the principles of giving 10 percent of every purchase back to our communities, we are also dedicated to providing our customers with an easy and thoughtful experience.”

Each Kauzbot has a unique name that correlates with a charity the bot advocates for. The stuffed robot toys are all designed in Huntington Beach, Calif., handmade and hand-stitched with love and stand 19 inches tall. The individual name of each character is stitched into its backside along with a free-floating heart placed in its back pocket to signify its compassion. There are currently 10 Kauzbots with Kalvin, Kauzbots’ flagship “robot with a heart,” being committed to helping homeless children in need. 10 percent of each “Kalvin” purchased is given to benefit the work of Dream Catalyst. Like Kalvin, there are nine more characters available for purchase with their own passions, “kauzes” and correlating charities.

“At Dream Catalyst, we help ‘Make Dreams Matter.’ It is great to partner with the Kauzbots team during this time of renewed energy as we launch our new movements. Kalvin has always been near and dear to our hearts, and we are excited to relaunch him out into the world as we live more fully into our mission with the Kauzbots team by our sides,” said Erik Lehmann, Founder of Dream Catalyst. “I believe that each child is born with a dream and the gifts necessary to realize that dream. With the support of Kauzbots and others alike, we will be able to help more dreams come true as we hope to employ youth facing challenges including homelessness as we grow this vision to a national and eventually global scale. Kauzbots is a company that shares in our devotion to mentor, love and celebrate with these kids and has become a significant part of our work here at Dream Catalyst."
Currently Kauzbots has 10 robots for sale through their website and selected retailers. Each bot has a heart for a specific “kauz,” advocating for and donating to separate charities:
  • Kalvin: a heart for homeless children
  • Kale: a heart for the planet
  • Kaprice: a heart for women with breast cancer
  • Karissa: a heart or our environment
  • Karson: a heart for music therapy at children’s hospitals
  • Karthy: a heart for autism
  • Khloe: a heart for oral pediatric health
  • Kiefer: a heart for refugees
  • Kourage: a heart for children with cancer
  • Kruz: a heart for clean water
About Kauzbots, Inc.
Kauzbots, Inc. is based in the heart of Orange County, Calif. Kauzbots is about making kids and parents smile, it’s about warming hearts, while at the same time sharing our passion and commitment to giving back. We believe these are high quality products, but that’s not really the point. The point is each one of our products speaks to a special cause and we get to touch each cause through donating 10 percent to different charitable foundations each Kauzbot “sponsors.”
For more information visit, or contact Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram at @kauzbots. For media inquiries contact Orange County PR agency, DRIVEN Public Relations.

Parenting Pointers: A Guide To Select The Perfect Power Tool For Your DIY Project

How to select the perfect power tool for your DIY project? Well, let’s take a look. Depending on the application, different power tools are in use. They all have their own pros and cons. So the selection should be solely based on the task at hand. When you are looking for a power tool, you need a tool that provides maximum efficiency. You are also keen on the results. Let’s take a look at the factors that you need to consider while looking for a perfect power tool.
The Job At Hand
When it comes to choosing the right power tool, it’s all about the job at hand. LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT A COUPLE OF EXAMPLES BELOW:
·       What type of material are you going to work on? What type of concrete are we talking about? The amount of power required for the material will decide the power tool.

·       What is the nature of the work that you have undertaken? Is it going to be drilling, chipping or clipping? Though you can use a general type tool for all these jobs (example, combination demolition hammer), there are dedicated hammers available for all three jobs. Especially when it comes to drilling, you should be using the dedicated one.

·       Another important thing is the attachments and accessories that are part of the tool. Is it easy to attach those accessories? If it is easy to attach, you can use the tool for many types of jobs. The versatility of the tool should be a factor you need to consider.

·       Job specification is another important aspect when it comes to selecting a good power tool. When you have the job specification before you, you can pick the right tool according to the job. This makes things a lot easier.

·       Can you move it around easily? That’s a really big factor when it comes to selecting a power tool. If you want the tool to move around a lot, then you should opt for cordless power tools instead of wired power tools.
How To Ensure The Best Performance?
How to ensure that the power tool that you have chosen provides the best output? Well, let’s take a look at a couple of tips below. You always need to warm up the tool before you use it. When it comes to new tools, you need to wait for a certain time period until it reaches its maximum potential. Usually it happens to be 5 hours. As for attachments, always use sharp and new ones for optimal performance. Maintenance of the tool is really important. You should maintain it at regular intervals. This is really important for maximum efficiency. As for accessories, you should always use the recommended ones for that particular model.
Other Considerations
What are the other important considerations while opting for a power tool? What is going to be the power source? What about the speed specification? Different tools use different power sources. Usual power sources are electricity, fuel or battery. So you need to pick the tool keeping the power source as well in mind. Also, you need to realize the fact that different machines yield different speed. You should keep that in mind while selecting the power tool.

Shopping Savings: Tony Roma's

In honor of the first official National Baby Back Ribs Day on September 3rd, Tony Roma’s Restaurant and Tony Roma’s Ribs have teamed up to offer some incredible savings on their world famous baby back ribs to diners and consumers. 

Between August 30 and September 3, Tony Roma’s Restaurant will offer diners $5 off a half rack of baby back ribs with the purchase of any entrĂ©e. Additionally, consumers can look for a coupon for $1 off Tony Roma’s heat-and-eat ribs. The coupon will be available in Sunday Circular’s until October 4th

Caring Causes: ResortShare Adopt-A-Memory

ResortShare, an award-winning company helping timeshare owners share their vacation time with travelers, is overjoyed to have played a role in fulfilling the dream of three young former foster children. Through the company's new Adopt-A-Memory program, young Mariah, Evan and Destiny were able to enjoy their first vacation experience as a family with their new adoptive parents in San Diego, California. Teaming up with foster care leaders Together We Rise, ResortShare was able to spend time with the children and learn more about these amazing individuals and their loving new parents. While in foster care, Mariah, Evan and Destiny were unable to enjoy the normal experiences kids their age have. In the middle of their meet and greet, ResortShare presented the entire family with three day passes to Disneyland, a three day stay at a nearby luxury resort and three suitcases full of Disney clothes and toys, providing the children an unforgettable adventure ahead.

ResortShare is committed to making an impact in the community through philanthropic efforts and by providing the best tools, knowledge and assistance in timeshare management. ResortShare brings vacationers together to make the most out of unused properties for timeshare owners as well as timeshare Home Owners Associations. Creating solid relationships and unforgettable moments along the way, ResortShare has formed a solid place in the travel and hospitality industry and encourages companies from all backgrounds to offer any assets they can to those in need. For more information on ResortShare and its education and resources, please visit

About ResortShare
Honored with the Best in Biz International gold award for “Most Innovative Service” and listed twice in the Orange County Business Journal’s list of “Fastest Growing Companies in Orange County,” ResortShare, an Inc. 5000 recognized company, aims to change the common misconception of timeshare ownership. By creating a simple and trusted platform that enables ultimate optimization for owners and their timeshare, ResortShare makes the exclusive resort experience available to vacationers all around the world. Committed to providing direct, expert and clear assistance in timeshare resources, education and management, ResortShare gives back full control to the owners and ultimately get the most out of their unused time. For more information on ResortShare, or contact Follow them on Facebook at, on Twitter @ResortShare.

Caring Causes: Save the Children Action Network High 5 for Kids

Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) today launched a comprehensive paid media campaign in South Carolina that calls attention to American leadership that has helped save millions of children and mothers abroad and asks the next President to strengthen the nation’s commitment to this vital work.
The broadcast television, radio and digital advertising are part of SCAN’s High 5 for Kids efforts in the early presidential caucus and primary states. The campaign in the Palmetto State will engage voters and recruit SCAN activists to ask all presidential candidates what they would do, if elected, to ensure America continues to lead on the critical work of stopping preventable deaths of children and mothers abroad.
“American leadership on this issue is a great success story, and our country has helped save millions of lives in just the past several years,” said Mark Shriver, president of SCAN. “But 17,000 children still die each day from entirely preventable causes like malaria and pneumonia. The next President should work in a bipartisan manner to strengthen our commitment to these life-saving programs. These investments help build a freer, more prosperous world, generate goodwill globally and, most importantly, are the right thing to do.”
The statewide advertising campaign launches today in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville and will last through the end of October.
Each of the ads, recorded last month in Charleston, feature three South Carolina voters and reflect the bipartisan nature of SCAN’s work: a Republican, a Democrat and an independent voter all appear and agree that ending the preventable deaths of newborns, young children and mothers from around the world is an achievable goal and should be a top priority for the next president, no matter who wins.
Worldwide, deaths of children under the age of 5 have been cut in half since 1990. Much of this progress is due to America’s leadership on global health and nutrition programs. Still, 6.3 million children under the age of 5 continue to die each year. Most of these deaths can easily be prevented. Many of the major causes of child death are preventable and treatable: pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria. In addition, 800 women die every day due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth.
Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Chris Coons of Delaware recently introduced the bipartisan Reach Every Mother and Child Act. If enacted, it would scale up the low-cost, high-impact strategies to prevent maternal and child deaths to the countries that need them most.
Founded by Save the Children in 2014, Save the Children Action Network is a new organization dedicated to mobilizing Americans around a commitment that cannot wait — investing in early childhood now. Save the Children Action Network engages our government, businesses, partner organizations and supporters to take bold action and to hold our elected leaders accountable for the youngest, and too often forgotten, global citizens — our children.

Caring Causes: Projects Abroad Educational Focus

Across the globe, students of all ages and nationalities are busy preparing for the new academic year, from children starting the first grade to freshmen beginning their college careers. At the same time, thousands of children in developing countries are also doing the same. However, they lack the same opportunities available in North America and are struggling to get an education in the face of poverty and an absence of resources. 

Malala Yousafzai, education activist and Nobel Prize laureate, said this about the power of education: "One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world." While a volunteer might not be able to change the world, they have the ability to impact lives and communities. Projects Abroad is calling for volunteers with a passion for learning to support schools, orphanages, and kindergartens as teachers and help reduce inequality in education.
"Through our volunteers, we aim to empower underprivileged students by improving their future prospects and equipping them with the skills needed to actively engage in a multi-national community," explains Rachel McMillian, a Program Advisor for Projects Abroad USA. "It's also important to us that this support is sustainable, so we have management plans in place in all of our destinations to ensure that certain development goals are prioritized."
These goals cover a wide range of areas in the classroom, and include improving English, encouraging learning through creativity and problem-solving, increasing literacy, and helping local teachers refine their teaching and classroom management techniques. Furthermore, each goal consists of a number of actions and tasks to give volunteers a clear guide on how to achieve those goals.
With Projects Abroad, volunteers can participate in a variety of meaningful Teaching programs across the developing world. The organization offers general Teach English and Other Subjects projects, where volunteers can teach additional extra-curricular subjects of their choosing, as well as programs where they can focus on teaching IT, French, or Physical Education. 
The importance of teaching Physical Education in schools abroad is growing, notes McMillian. "Youth in developing countries are striving to emulate stars like Didier Drogba, Lionel Messi, and Usain Bolt, especially with the popularity of global competitions like the FIFA World Cup and the IAAF World Championships. Unfortunately, PE teachers are in short supply in dozens of the communities we work in, and most disadvantaged schools cannot afford to hire staff to teach sports. Our volunteers make a huge difference when they volunteer as coaches during school hours and after school. They use their time, energy, and skills to help develop athletic ability, fitness, and self-confidence. It's also a great tool for helping children learn about the benefits of teamwork."
For more information on how to get involved with international teaching programs, please visit

Sweepstakes: Krups Best Brew Awards

KRUPS is kicking off its fifth annual “KRUPS Best Brew Awards 2015,” from September 1st through September 29th, National Coffee Day.  The campaign, designed to discover the best coffee shops in America, features a public vote and call for entries on the KRUPS Facebook page to uncover favorite local brews from New York to Los Angeles.  Each week, voters will have the opportunity to win one of two KRUPS SAVOY EC314, one of the newest products launching this September.


Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker

Fun Freetime: Back to School Hacks from DreamWorksTV

For most kids, going back to school is akin to getting teeth pulled.  Gone are sunny days, water parks and pool time, camp with new friends and homework-less adventures.  In order to make the transition a little less painful for school-aged children, kid talent on the family friendly YouTube channel DreamWorksTV share their “hack to school” tips on getting through the school day:

Prepping for First Period – New school supplies make that first week much brighter and having your very own DIY supplies – SCORE!  In Life Hacks forKids expert hacker Sunny shows how to do multiplication problems without a calculator or even pen and paper; create secret storage in your locker; and make a dry erase board for convenient note passing…just don’t get caught! 

Lunchtime – Dessert is the best part of any meal, and on I ♥ DIY, Kawaiisweetworld teaches you how to create something that will impress friends and teacher, alike.  Her “Back to School Apple Cupcakes” aren’t your ordinary cupcake.  These vanilla cake beauties actually look like red apples and are almost too cute to eat:

Gym Class – Love it or hate it, most kids have to take gym.  But who said gym class had to be all about physical education?  In Gym Class Science, sports and science collide, and in the episode below, hosts Jonah Green and Tessa Netting explain the explosive properties of hydrogen…through archery:

After School - In brand-new series, After School Snack Attack, friends and hosts Garrett and Josh show – err, guess – their way to making the perfect after school snack.  In the first episode, they try their hand at making macaroni and cheese…with a twist.  WARNING: things get a bit messy in their kitchen!

Happy first day!


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