Sunday, April 29, 2012

Giveaway: Dog-E-Glow

If you walk your dog in the twilight or dark, you know that they're a lot safer - and so are you! - if you have lights. Sometimes it's hard to remember to grab them, or you might think they look silly. Well, Dog-E-Glow has a great solution for you - LED lighted collars. These collars use 100,000-hour LED bulbs (that'll last almost dog's lifetime if on 24/7) and will run approximately 150 hours on one set of batteries (one replacement set is included). The nice thing is the lights are in the fabric, so they're visible only when turned on. There are two modes - flashing and steady on. The collars are cute, too! There are patterns appropriate for men or women to use (or male or female dogs to wear) including pink plaid, a blue and green bone pattern, camouflage, peace signs, and more. Plus, if you're a collegiate sports fan, there are dozens of colleges to choose from. Are you interested in trying it out? They're sponsoring a giveaway for me. You can leave a comment with your pet and what design you think is the cutest for a chance to win! Deadline is May 5th. Disclosure: I received samples from Dog-E-Glow to facilitate this review.


  1. I have a yellow lab and would love to dress her up in a pink plaid lighted led dog collar

  2. I have a miniature poodle that I would love to put the University of Illinois collar on!

    acgoad at comcast dot net

  3. black lab and I like the Skulls Lighted Dog Collar

    tiramisu392 (at)

  4. Black and Chocolate Labrador Retriever and I would like the Pink Camouflage. I mentioned your Dog-E-Glow Giveaway on our All About Labradors blog. Thank you!

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