Friday, August 17, 2012

Healthy Habits: Allergy and Cold Symptoms

Fall means many things – the end of summer, back to school, and even sometimes the "allergic salute”  - upward rubbing of the nose to relieve itching, often a common problem in young children with allergies or be the first indication of the beginning of a cold. Since ragweed season is beginning and will continue throughout the fall, parents can expect to see their children rubbing their noses and may even experience this problem themselves.

Almost 20 percent of Americans will suffer from a ragweed allergy this year, and Dr. Clifford Bassett and Ocean® Saline Nasal Spray,want to give some tips for allergy relief.

Those “who suffer from allergies can benefit from using a saline nasal spray several times a day. This can help to relieve symptoms aggravated by airborne particle irritants, as well as pollutants. During peak allergy season, allergy suffers would be wise to use a saline nasal spray, helping to rinse allergens, i.e., pollen, from the nose, “ according to renowned allergist, Clifford W. Bassett, MD, Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York.

When your nose doesn’t take kindly to all the pollen and allergens in the air, you can flush them out with a quick spray several times a day, whether it’s stuffed, dry, running or irritated. To use: spray this gentle, non-medicated saline solution into each nostril, allowing the stream of saline to flush out irritants and allergens that can make you feel congested.

Ocean® Nasal Care offers natural, non-medicated relief for nasal passages that are congested or irritated by allergies. It is safe for frequent daily nasal care and is gentle enough for infants. You can find more great allergy tips at their website, and you can also like Ocean Nasal Care on Facebook and follow @OceanNasalCare

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