Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fun Freetime: Fun Fantasy iOS Apps

If your kids love fairy tales (like mine do) and you want to find an app that helps them explore fantasy worlds even more, check out some of these free iOS apps.
Happy Ever After (TabTale)
Choose your own fantasy world and turn it into a puzzle in this fun app!  Kids can choose from wizards, unicorns, mermaids and more! Once you’ve chosen your fantasy world, you must put all of the puzzle pieces in their place.  Once you’ve finished the puzzle, you can gain extra points by popping all of the falling objects!  Kids will love switching between their favorite magical worlds in this fun game!
My Dragon (Glu Games)
For all those children that have ever wanted a pet dragon, now they can finally have one!  In this app, you are the dragon keeper and must take care of your own dragon.  It’s your job to keep your dragon happy, so be sure to feed him, play with him, pet him, and even dress him up!  You must also train him and send him on quests to keep the kingdom safe! 
Mermaid World (Crowdstar Inc.)
In Mermaid World, you get the chance to orchestrate an underwater realm full of beautiful mermaids!  It’s your job to make sure they’re happy, so make sure to give them friends and help them find their favorite trinkets.  Little girls are sure to love designing their aquatic world with their new mermaid friends!
Unicorn Rainbow Ride Free (Oceanside Interactive)
What's rarer than a unicorn? Apps this fun! In this app, you must help your special unicorn save all the animals from the storm.  Use the rainbow to help you ride the sky and collect special gems and coins to help you save the princess at the end of your journey.  Watch out for rain clouds or they’ll make you too wet to fly!  This traditional racing app is sure to be a hit among all young unicorn lovers!  
Fairy Colors (Kid Baby Toddler Ltd.)
Calling all fans of Tinkerbell – this app was made just for you!  In Fairy Colors, little ones can choose from a variety of different activities all with fairies!  Games like mix and match, maze challenge, and magic flight will enhance young motor skills, and sticker book, magic draw, and coloring book will unleash creativity.  No matter how you play with the app, young girls are sure to enjoy flutter with delight when playing Fairy Colors. 

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