Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun Freetime: Go Luna Girl Go

Research shows in the early school years, girls are social butterflies and rank top of the class, but by middle school peer approval and physical appearances take priority over self-worth, skills, and assertiveness.
One mom is determined to inspire a new generation of conscientious, emotionally fit and assertive girls with the launch of Go Luna Girl Go, a confidence and kindness building app for kids three to eight and available on iTunes for $1.99.
Go Luna Girl Go is an interactive story with bonus coloring activities celebrating women in various careers. Girls adventure with Luna as she prepares for her first flight. Just a young cow on the farm ready to clickity-clack down a pre-determined life, Luna meets girls leaping for their dreams; discovering they can make a difference in the world.  With the support of a wise ol’ frog named Chester, Luna finds her confidence, shares her curiosities, and takes a chance that her fears will be drowned out by cheers from the other girls in the field.  Luna ponders the social risks and considers many paths before acknowledging she is capable, and worthy, of leaping beyond expectation to realize her dream.
Each download includes a free physical copy of the book, to encourage girls to read and role play with parents and friends. Details available with app download.
A portion of proceeds supports the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States. TS is a broad-spectrum chromosomal abnormality affecting one in 2,000 females physically, mentally and emotionally.  One of Ms. Rach-Wilson’s daughters was diagnosed at age eight with little hope for a viable life yet she leaps beyond expectations everyday.
Go Luna Girl Go is produced by Bay Area based It’s All Good Media, Inc (IAGmedia). The Company also produces the award-winning, eco-educational series, Let’s Go Chipper, promoting 21st Century learning and social-emotional preparedness.

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