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Healthy Habits: Diabetes Diet

Today 1 in 3 people have pre-diabetes or full blown Type 2 Diabetes. We all eat fast foods which are loaded with many grams of trans fats, carbohydrates and sugar. Trans fat and carbohydrates are also found in many of the "healthy" snacks we eat. Prolonged exposure can seriously impact one's health.  Eating healthy, especially at a young age, stop this process from occurring. By implementing a few diet changes, Type II Diabetes is reversible.
In her book "Diabetes Diet" Virginia Swanson explains how trans fats and excessive carbohydrates cause and accelerate type II diabetes. This trans fat, high carbohydrate diet can also lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and various other ailments. She explains how to eat better to thwart the chances of Type II Diabetes. Her book "Diabetes Diet" is not only for diabetics, but for anyone who wants to live healthier.

I had a chance to interview Ms. Swanson to find out more.

What are man made trans fats and where are they found in our diets?
Man made trans fats are oils that have been oxygenated by the food manufacturer. Man made Trans Fat causes inflammation in the body which in turn causes heart disease. Man made trans fats can also cause or accelerate organ malfunction, organ disease, cancer, diabetes,  high blood pressure, eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, periodontal disease, depression, organ failure, and the list goes on and on. That is why the recommended intake of trans fat in ones diet is zero.

How does man made Trans Fat cause Type II diabetes?

Man made trans fats block cell growth and normal cell function causing inflammation and disease throughout the body.

How do our bodies process carbohydrates?

As we know, there are “good” carbohydrates and “bad” carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates include foods like 100% whole wheat products and sweet potatoes. Bad carbohydrates include foods like white bread made with white flour and enriched wheat bread made with enriched wheat flour products. Bad carbohydrates spike insulin levels. Good carbohydrates keep insulin levels stable.

White and enriched flours are processed using the chemical Alloxan. A small amount of Alloxan transfer into the flour. The small amounts of Alloxan found in white and enriched wheat flour destroy the beta cells in your pancreas. It is important to avoid ANY and ALL white flour or enriched wheat flour.

Alloxan is used by labs to induce diabetes in rats and mice studies.  Alloxan has been found to cause and accelerate diabetes.

How do bad and excessive carbohydrates cause Type II diabetes and other health issues?

Inside the pancreas, beta cells make the hormone insulin. With each meal, beta cells release insulin to help the body use or store the blood glucose it gets from food.

The key to removing this extra glucose out of the bloodstream is simply this: Remove excessive amounts of carbohydrates from your diet and follow our diet suggestions in the Diabetes Diet book.

What is a good diet for someone with diabetes to help control or reverse some of the effects?
I believe my book Diabetes Diet is an all inclusive guide to over all great health. It is important to avoid ALL food and non food items that would damage the pancreas.
    •    Never eat man made Trans Fats. A product can say zero trans fat and still have trans fat in the product. This is done by reducing the serving size to below .5 grams trans fat per serving.
    •    Take 500mg to 1000mg of Ester C with any meal. This will cancel out the sodium nitrates found in almost ALL foods. Every time you eat if you do not take vitamin C the sodium nitrates will damage your pancreas.
    •    Stop taking all cholesterol medication. Today there are several lawsuits against many companies that manufacture statins. The lawsuits contend that statin drugs damage the pancreas which then induces diabetes in the person taking the drug. Check all of your prescriptions if any of them say the word pancreas in the warning section do NOT take that medication. The pancreas does not regenerate itself.
    •    Do not eat any white or enriched flour product.
    •    Limit carbohydrate consumption
    •    Add the supplements and vitamins I recommend in my book until completely off any kind of medication. Chapter 12.
    •    Never eat unfermented soy or any unfermented soy byproduct like  soy lecithin or soy protein. If the product states it is fermented soy then it is fine to eat.  
Eliminate trans and polyunsaturated fats from your diet. Also, limit the intake of monounsaturated fats to 10% of your total fat intake. The other 80% to 90% of fat intake should come from saturated fats. It is best to eat only short to medium chain fatty acids. Saturated fats do not cause heart disease and do not raise cholesterol levels. 80% of the cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver.

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