Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Parenting Pointers: Positive Thinking

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There's a fun book recently published by Laundry Books called "I CAN Believe in Myself." It's a cute story about a girl who doesn't want to do show and tell, so she tells the teacher she can't talk. As she's spending the day listening instead of talking, she realizes how many of the people around her tell themselves they can't do things when they can. At the end of the book, she uses this to create a show and tell to encourage everyone in the classroom - even the teacher.

I had a chance to interview the author, Miriam Laundry about the book and positive thinking.

How did the tragic event inspire you to write?
The loss of my 17 year old niece to depression changed everything for me. I found myself asking many questions - why did this happen? how could this happen? And more importantly what could I do to prevent this from ever happening to my 4 children?
I wanted to do something that would help them believe in themselves and know that when difficult situations present themselves in their lives, that they CAN get through them and overcome them. Since my children are young (1, 5, 8 and 10), I decided that the best way to teach them about it would be in the form of a fun children’s book.
In “I CAN Believe in Myself” children learn that their thoughts are the most important thing. If children think they CAN’T then they just stop there and they simply CAN’T. If children believe they CAN, then they CAN. It is their thoughts and their believes that make it so.

Why create an "I can" series?
I created the “I CAN” series as a way to empower children in many areas of their lives.  Every book will help children in different areas of their lives.

Do you have any planned future additions to the series?
The book I am currently working is called “I CAN Make a Difference” and shows children how we can all make a difference in the lives of others. This book will be out next spring.
Another book in the series is “I CAN Be Happy." This book will teach children that happiness is a choice.

How did you talk to your kids about the tragedy?
It took me a full year to talk to my oldest children about what had really happened with their cousin. I felt that last year at the age of almost 9 and 7, they were too young. It was also a thought I did not want going through their minds. My husband and I chose to wait, we ourselves could barely talk about it.  So we told them on the anniversary of her death. We explained that mental health is an illness that sometimes happens and that if they ever felt sad to come talk to us. 

How do you work to inspire your kids in daily life?

My husband and I believe that our children will learn by our example to be positive people and to find the good in all situations. We teach them that it is their response to the situation that will determine the outcome. They can choose to be sad about whatever has happened or they can choose something positive to focus on.

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